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  1. Same as phillos-no Tengu Sensei, missed that that one should've been my VIP. Though, that second Sadako showed up stuck in with one of the other figs, and I haven't taken it out of the clamshell. Should be able to tell if it was in the 2nd or 3rd wave. Could be I'm getting in contact with PP about this.
  2. Okay, looks like I do have them all (and a second Sadako, somehow) up to Altansarnai. Thanks for the help, everyone, and especially for putting together that list, Schmoozies.
  3. Hi all- I checked through PP's L5R Minicrate page, but didn't see a catalog or list of the miniatures that've already been shipped. I've been a VIP subscriber from the start, but there've been a couple of times during the subscription that their shipping/billing stuff got wonky. I'd like to verify that I have actually received the entire range to date. Does anyone have a list (or an online resource I've missed) they can share? Thanks.
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