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  1. I think this figure should be costing 6 points. As Tvboy said, Violence is weaker than the normal attack, which could be solved with "This attack gains: Pierce 3, Bleed."
  2. I have recently been advised to read this discussion by one of the members of the IACP steering committee (for which I have only biggest respect). Perhaps it's a bit awkward to kick it after one year but it might be a good thing to re-approach topics of such importance every once in a while. Therefore here's my opinion. Although I must admit everyone here has claimed some good points and gave interesting approach, I have to support the initial post which, while I was reading it, felt like the words I would write myself. As a fairly new player to the game, the biggest fallback for me is the Meta. The build/smash hermetic feel of it, with just trying to put as much bonuses as early as possible feels a bit repeating (I would not say dull). Too 'hermetic'. Many of the games I've seen and played were the queen piece and most of them feel the same. That is the current Meta. A counter-argument was that: Well that calls me to break it! Its a repeating pattern and it becomes dull soon. We need to have different ways to play the game 'right' and for them to be viable enough. As much as possible. That, in my opinion, brings freshness to it and makes it more interesting, with various approaches to list building, overall strategy, order of play, using units etc. There is also a big advantage of not being a player with activation token in round 1. Although some claim it's not, I've felt that is indeed true in most cases. It's also part of the meta and it should be challenged. Then, the discussion came to game time and stalling. That might be a good point, but playing SWIA I have noticed that most of the time is not spent of deciding whom to play next, but on resolving abilities, CCs and dice (attacking/defending). One can look at any game video to be able to notice that. So what keeps the game slow are the sheer elements that make it interesting and deep. It's the nature of the game. If we wanted to streamline it and make it faster, we'd have to look at dice rolls, abilities and special abilities, simplify them into a set of a limited number of shared abilities and even more limited number of CCs (or at least less chance to play them). I am not claiming that is the right thing to do, but that is the thing to to do in order to speed up the game. If anyone asks, I'm standing against it. That's also part of the meta and slowing the game down. While I don't see anything against it lasting a bit longer (90mins) I reckon it might be a problem in tournament play. I could not agree more! My opinion is that meta should be our enemy, not the thing we want to achieve and polish, not to mention follow. Meta is what makes the game stall, focusing players on practicing the same actions, builds and strategies over an over again instead of trying new, unpredictable ones. At the moment, the main goal is to put together a strong list that will make the most of some of the already proven-strong CCs and DCs. Yes, that is the point of strategy games but what if there was no meta, if there were countless ways to bring a good list and put it to work either by going for VPs, kills, stalling or rushing or stealing VPs from the enemy/negating him VPs? We want to allow the game to evolve and flourish in most different ways, keeping always fresh and full of surprises, not follow the already prepared set of patterns. Therefore I'm completely for swarms, as well as all other strategies and builds that make the win possible while keeping the game fairly balanced. To be able to see queen-centered, 4-activation, crap droid, trooper swarms, non-unique, spectre-cell, AT+AT, Vader+Palp, smuggler, hunter, droid or low cost-only or some other lists work well on different maps and occasions is what would surely keep this game alive and interesting.
  3. Indeed, that's how it already works. The only house rule difference is that the Imperial player receives double the threat during the Status Phase of the last round and every successive one.. I see that I have been mild comparing to thinkbomb's solution with 20 Threat and any one additional deployment group. 😎 Thematically, I would not include the part with adding any open group as I think every mission should have its specific unit types related to the story. Also, announcing double threat rise at the end of official last round already gave my - inexperienced - rebel players creeps and they felt like they would be doomed if it would come to that. Now thinking about it, perhaps increasing threat exponentially (3, 6, 9...) would also be a good model.
  4. I did also invent similar 'escalation' house rule. I just announced that after round 6 Imperial player receives double threat every round and can deploy any of the non-unique defeated groups. Also, I did adapt mission prize based on the outcome (the rebels don't get cash from credits or they don't get any additional XP etc), but they do get a chance to finish the action and overall, as Thinkbomb and Rikalonius have already said, it does feel better and more cinematic.
  5. Meh.. I know what you mean but I also do all homebrew stuff myself when d&d. If you're that desperate send me the data and I can prep the cards for you.
  6. Hm... did you try Adobe photoshop templates? I could help making those two for you if you don't have other means.
  7. I am aware of most you have written, just started polishing it and did not want to change too much already, rather try to slowly polish step by step. (as this hero is not originally my idea). Regarding Force choke, I agree with you but already had another idea for polishing it: <Action>: Choose one figure in your line of sight within 5 spaces. Roll yellow die. The figure suffers <damage> equal to the <surge> result and becomes Weakened. (or The figure suffers 1 <damage> and becomes Weakened). Perhaps it can also be reworked in another way but an action requirement i think would be appropriate. Maybe allow a hero to either choose a regular, less powerful action or take Strain and roll 2 Yellow dice for damage as an option. Like Below: Resurgence: allied -> friendly yes, good notice. Wording could be: "Deplete this card to cancel the damage causing it" *meaning Wounded or Defeated" - any better idea while keeping it short and concise? Two cards are there because the first one is Quintus515's original and the second is my proposed version. Edit: all this is not obsolete as this idea is already implemented in basic ability Sadism which I completely missed. Back to rethinking original Resurgence then.. The Force Shall Free Me: look at my post above, already proposed change. Also, what are others might I ask? In addition, as noted before, I think Personal Shield Generator and Tactical Armor could be reworked as Items and those abilities re-imagined or filled with different ones. Any ideas a1bert or anyone else? (I will be changing images in the original post the future to avoid much confusion)
  8. Alright, here's some thoughts and a complete class deck, beta version: Personal Shield Generator these should probably be under Items rather than hero/class deck. If there is specific intention to make this a hero class ability it can be reworded but I'd keep it an Item and think of something else for 2xp class card. Shadowstalk: The first part of the ability I'd change to: At the end of your activation, if there are no hostile figures adjacent to you, you may spend 1 strain to become Hidden. Therefore making it cheaper (1 strain vs 2) but limiting it to once/activation, requiring a round to prepare plus avoiding to hide if you stand in the middle of enemy force... Resurgence Recover 2 <Strain> each time an allied hero becomes Wounded or Defeated. If you would become Wounded you may instead Deplete this card to cancel the attack targeting you and recover 3 Health, then become Stunned. I would adapt this toward: Recover 1 <Strain> each time a hostile figure within 3 spaces is Defeated. If you or an allied hero would become Wounded or Defeated, you may instead Deplete this card to cancel the attack against the target and allow it to Recover 3 (or Recover 3 <damage>. Then, you become Stunned. This is perhaps more thematic as the hero feeds on hostile figure energy and the overall rework might allow this ability to be used more frequently throughout the campaign. Also, it might help to lower the power of already overpowered 4xp The Force shall free me to only +1 Endurance (as you will be able to regain Strain constantly). Tactical Armor I would definitely remove the last ability from this card. Becoming hidden is already included in 1xp class card Shadowstalk and allowing it to do the same thing would not only disturb balance but also make Shadowstalk obsolete which is bad design. Also, permanent +1 speed is too much. I'd use Exhaust this card to gain +1 Speed. And The Force Shall Free Me Apply +1 Endurance to your hero. While attacking or defending, you may reroll one die of your choice. (no need for further limitations, i think it's balanced now)
  9. Great. I'm willing to help let me know if you need something specific. I would also be willing to help create missions, co-develop or further develop the campaign. Glad to see people still enjoying this great game and creating new content! PS I have to ask: I trust here, under both abilities, you wrote 'Armor' but actually meant 'Block'?
  10. Glad you find it useful! I'll do the class cards as well. I'll also provide some feedback on balance. You notice I imagined it as neutral or mercenary hero, it might be a good concept. Also, do you work on some kind of custom campaign or scenarios or you just plan to do them as addition for existing ones? I'd like to team up with some people to work on custom campaigns...
  11. I understand. I would, however, be great to have it, for it would be easier to make mercenary campaign which I'm doing now.
  12. I did some design for this hero. I imagine him as mercenary or neutral rather than imperial. What do you think?
  13. This is completely amazing. Good Job. What I would like to see is mercenary or neutral hero sheet. I'm making custom homebrew content and could really use it. Something like this:
  14. Great thematic hero. I am confused though on what distribute means on Dark Heal card? How would it work? Also, animal bond is poor mechanic because of the 'X/1.5 rounded up' calculation. Try something else simpler and concise. I would suggest to make it an action and 2 strain worth, flat. That way it's simple, straightforward, and thematically better related to your hero as she is a support/controller more than fighter.. I also like Novice dagger very much and would keep it included in the pack for certain. Does not need more dmg, it may come from conditions on units and sometimes you just need surges not dmg. I think auto-bleed on 2xp Nightsister Initiate is perhaps too much. Perhaps it should cost 1 strain. I think hero card design could be improved. Perhaps if you shared files I could try working on it a bit? PS Did I already say it' great? Yeah, and we need more content like this!
  15. I do. Trying to keep it thematic and realistic a bit. Affects deployment, but also i try to keep in mind LOS when determining my troops behavior (to include their awareness of situation). My players also agreed - and it was their proposal - for me not to show them deployed units that are outside their LOS and which are not yet 'discovered' by them - which basically affects usually starting deployment groups that are behind walls, doors etc.. Works great! What a surprise it was when they opened a door to reveal an e-web engineer waiting at the far end of a corridor..
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