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  1. Ah Never checked the beta version. Well, someone clearly screwed up and they keep screwing If they haven’t fixed it yet. Anyway, what could be a good title ability then?
  2. I don’t blame him either, like I said, whoever was responsible to revise the short story forgot about that too. This, plus the sidebar text in the book makes me believe that they actually forgot to add the Tainted keyword or Otherworldly should have been replaced by Tainted. Correct me if I’m wrong, but kenkus are Otherworldly creatures now, right? And definitely were the Kami, so I don’t see how they are supposed to br hit by Jade Strike.
  3. I would disagree on that, for what their job is supposed to be, I would say the Crab and the Scorpion really do their assigned job to their best of their conditions. Specially the Crab. My sarcasm mode and comments, which at this point I think you haven't noticed is due to the fact that the rules and the lore contradict themselves regarding to Jade Strike. In the rules, Jade Strike only affects Otherwordly beings (even though has a side bar mentioning about targeting non-Tainted beings and failing) and in Beneath the Light of Jade it is shown that Isawa Tadaka actually hurt Kuni Yori with a Jade Strike. So, that means that Kuni Yori is an Otherwordly being, or the rules are wrong and we should have received an errata by now, or (most likely) the Robert Denton III wrote like this because Jade Strike worked on Tainted beings since 1st edition and forgot to check the mechanics and whoever was supposed to review it, forgot it either. The sad funny implication of all this, of course is, that somehow being the Elemental Master of Earth makes you the only Shugenja able to target Tainted creatures with Jade Strike.
  4. [sarcasm mode = on] Except the Phoenix are the Clan furthest from the Wall, and apparently only ONE of them can actually harm Tainted creatures with Jade Strike. [sarcasm mode = off]
  5. The only problem then, is that somehow the Phoenix screwed up the Crab so bad by getting rid of the Jade Champion/Magistrates that only the Jade Strike from the Elemental Master of Earth seems to be able to hit Tainted beings... 🙄
  6. Scholar skill group Command Fitness Cleansing Spirit Rouse the Soul Jade Strike (with errata to make it affect Tainted instead of or in addition to otherworldly beings) Honestly, I have no idea for the title ability.
  7. Worst case scenario, you can also take the Imperial Histories and Imperial Histories 2 from 4th edition to get a glimpse of some of the periods not currently explained by FFG.
  8. Well, I believe it shares the same asmodee account that you have for everything asmodee, but I hope they will have the forums migrated to their website.
  9. Regarding the pulling of critical hits, that's pretty much the reason for the reduced critical strike option for the Kakita Duelist. I know it would add too much text into that box but I think it should be worth mentioning that the reduced critical should be evident for anyone that it was also deliberate. So, for instance, in a duel to first blood, a Kakita Duelist rank 3 could, for instance, reduce the critical strike to 2 (which is a close call) instead of a debilitating gash. If the opponent decides to acknowledge that and accept defeat is another matter entirely (where they could or could not lose honor or glory for that). In the end, you just have to accept that in 5th edition, duels, as described in the conflict chapter are not necessarily ritualistic formal duels, but really any martial fight that involves two characters and that iaijutsu duels are not the official across the Empire way of resolving disputes.
  10. Just imagine all those fabulous horses prepared for a dressage competition. 😂
  11. By the way, any update on Celestial Realms? The official page still says it would be out on Q2-2020 and while I believe the pandemic messed up a lot of logistical pipelines, they haven't updated anything! We are almost mid Q3-2020 and no news.
  12. Hey, if we are all going to throw our 2 zeni on this discussion I might as well do the same. So here is the thing, first of all, the people of a nation and the government of a nation are not necessarily the same thing, okay? That being said, the chinese government is sure responsible for a lot of atrocities, but guess what? Randomly select any other country on a globe and you will find skeletons (figuratively and literally) in their closets (Canada, USA, United Kingdom, even Iceland). The other thing about news, is in the original meaning of the word new. There's nothing new to report, the people in Hong Kong are not having their civil rights respected, the same thing for the Uighur people. If there's no news about this every single day is because pretty much there's nothing new to report about their situation. You don't see on international news that young black/mixed race men in Brazil are dying in troves being caught in the crossfire between the police and drug cartels, either because they are actually caught in the crossfire or because they are soldiers on one side or the other. They are still dying and you don't see any recent news on that because, well, nothing has changed. Is this extremely sad? You bet it is. Is it the responsibility of the media to keep reporting the status quo? I am not so sure about that, putting on the evening news that the Earth is still spinning and was not hit by an astray meteor does not make for interesting news anyway. I apologize for my rant.
  13. Table on page 139 for Courts of Stone. Table on page 190 for Path of Waves. it contains the xp value for each rank of bond as well as the special abilities.
  14. At this point I am assuming you haven’t read either the path of waves or courts of stone as both of these books have the rules for how bonds work.
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