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  1. I just kept it even more simple with my droids. Army painter skeleton bone primer, black templar contrast for weapons and army painter strong tone mixed with lahmian medium for wash. Easy and great results.
  2. They probably raised prices in part because they can. No one else is making Star Wars miniatures. So there’s not really any competition to drive prices down.
  3. The price hike is really sad, especially considering the Phase 2 clones with the limited options. The quality/quantity(b2 having just 6 minis) increase don’t really match the price either. Idk, probably wont buy much more in the future and just stick with what I have instead. I mean, how many minis will be in the inferno box really? Didn’t inferno squad just have 4 members and that’s including iden? So maybe as low as 3 minis? For 35$? Or will they have two minis for each member?
  4. I feel like, for the price increase, that the hard plastic ”upgrade” wasn’t really worth it. The P1 soft plastic looks amazing and were more cusomisable for 2/3 of the price. I would prefer that fantasy flight didn’t redo the older kits in hard plastic and kept the old price for them.
  5. I just hope that the game doesn’t increase its price any further, especially with the now abysmal return policy and frequent delays. Already getting sick of delays and I just made the jump in.
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