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  1. All it took was a tiny ritual to.... ༼ つ ◕.◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕.◕ ༽つ
  2. Matt Holland from FFG OP confirms on discord: A june update will drop as planned.
  3. Fly Casual AI isn't that good with flying Aces mate, that doesn't count.
  4. You don't need RAW for that. Rush got a FAQ clarification in the rules references!
  5. twitch chat is like the spectator crowd of sportsball though - I think if you expect deep analysis and thoughtful discussion about maneuvers in twitch, then your expectations are vastly missing the wide open goal. Know your audience and know your stage 😉 Take me for example, I snort green's batreps like they are legally available recreational drugs - but you gonna bet I am spamming emotes and #rigged in twitch at the opportune time after rolling dice. It's just not the environment to discuss the viability of a four finger opening pivoting on the 2.5x3 obstacle you placed in setup to control the centre field or similar.
  6. That's how non-SOS-champions talk. That list back in the days was a proper meta call, made at a time were Rebel Beef and Imperial Aces were the dominant cut lists. It had favourable matchups against both. Now that we a couple of points updates later, you are comparing apples and peaches my friend. Surely a National Champion would know that!
  7. 4K won a System Open tournament. What did you win? 😛
  8. It kinda has to be. X-Wing is a super visual game and without proper framework, it is very hard to talk about specific decision making trees and details. That's why I like to read blogs with lots of colourful pictures. 😉 Or why the Oli P files are so great, when he talks over his recorded games.
  9. Probably like never? One of the big selling points for many people is that X-Wing minis come pre-painted and ready to play. Most players who like to repaint generally have their own collection of paints anyway. In comparison Legion comes unpainted and unassembled - so paint sets make a lot more sense for them. And voila, there are paint sets available there!
  10. Whaaaaaat. #getgreenfired Just joking, congratulations man!
  11. Man thank godness the internet wasn't a thing for most of human history. We probably would have died out from smallpox/polio/etc. Or Europe would have had a slightly differently political makeup.
  12. So that's definitely a TIE Avenger MkII lol. Not even what we are talking about. Shaking my head man. No respect for the original TIE Avenger? Sadness.
  13. The authentic version doesn't really has Silencer vibes. If you want fantasy homebuilds then you can do whatever you want 😉
  14. Buy a TIE Advanced x1. Use scissors to cut some pieces off the panels. Voila - there is your alternative model Avenger.
  15. The Imperial faction has - let me count... - eleven TIE models already, soon to be 12. Yeeeeeeeah, I think you guys are fine in the TIE department.
  16. Saw it on discord -> WT = Working Title? Continental may be a codename for a (at that time) still unnamed ship in lore. Anybody have a guess? 😉
  17. Distributors world wide seem to work slowly and miss like half of the stuff anybody tells them. Could be indeed an old list before the cancellations and pandemic and they were like "Oh look what we have found!" 😄 The theme fits though, FFG is going hard for Clone Wars in all of their SW games: Legion, Armada and now X-Wing. GAR and CIS need a couple of more ships anyway to get parity with the old factions (FO would also love that treatment).
  18. Eh, like Green said I wouldn't put much mind into it. First quarter was pretty much full HS territory, so now people are enjoying some other stuff, because why the heck not? X-Wing is pretty much in maintenance mode and after having to think all that time about HS lists for stores and SOS (which would have happened now) it's feels refreshing to throw in some extended lists just now for a change. Let the people have some fun flying their broken Imperial Aces stuff for a while 😛
  19. Imps have been playing pick 3 since the literal launch of 2.0 😄
  20. There haven't really much chance to develop any extensive extended meta yet and with a 20 bucks sign up I am not surprised that a lot of people just packed their good old stuff from times past. Lots of people playing their first online TTS tournament also. I wouldn't go all ESPN analysts on this trying to find content to cement your opinions about any meta. With that said - Dengar on top of swiss. *giggles*
  21. Yes, the special KCDodger algorithm we implemented seems to work. It recognizes the user logins of certain forum people and adjust the dice for them. Seems you are enjoying it. 🙂
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