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  1. That is what i got so far. I have painted three more, but they have No arms yet. I am planing to put som grass and greenery on the bases aswell
  2. I used a brush i thinned the paint and just took my time. It is a time consuming proces, but i really like it. It is actually dazzle camo! Nice. Someone asked me if it was swedish camo.. It isnt. Just some colors i like together
  3. Thanks man! I didnt get any replies so i had totally fogotten about this I made a new obi and I am debating if i should give him the same camo on the green parts..
  4. Bergholm

    Final coat??

    I have always used a brush on solution. It have never failed me
  5. I just remembered imgur, so here we go again
  6. Air drying clay isnt heavy. If i had to make a tree like this i would fill the center with something lightweight like styrofoam. The clay would still have to be rather thick (~1cm) to avoid that it cracks. The clay is britle.
  7. As I understand this game it isnt wysiwyg. Does it really matter how you build it or what weapons you choose? I am planing to build mine with a sidecar and posible the rocket launcher (coolness factor), but I am most likely going to run it with the twin lasers.
  8. I have also painted a trooper, but I am not able to upload any more pictures.
  9. Hello everybody I bought half of a starterbox of a friend. I really hate to paint standart colors and decided to try something new. I didnt have the best light to work with, but I think it turned out ok. It only need minor corrections, shadows and highlights. I would really like to hear what you think
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