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  1. Looks awesome, I will try that! Thank you!
  2. Hi, if a character of mine receives "Tears of Lys" and I play "Waking the dragon" on him afterwards, will he be killed or moved back to my hand? How is the timing procedure in this case? Who or what decides which of the events is resolved first? Greetings, Laconda
  3. Hi, I would love to play the card game against up to 7 computer opponents or online with friends. Will there be a PC version of the game? Greetings, Laconda
  4. Hi, if I get Gold Cloaks into game by ambush and they get killed before the end of the phase, are they transferred from the deadpile to the discard pile? Or not, because already out of the play area? Greetings, Laconda
  5. Am I allowed to discard cards at any time, even if I am not compelled to do so? For example, if Varys is already played and I have him on hand, may I discard him before the strategycard "Heads on Spikes" is resolved? To prevent the opponent from getting 2 power... And if so, to which point may I do it? Even after it being revealed? Or do I have to discard him before I know if the opponent played Heads on Spikes? Also, may I discard characters, items or locations that are in game under my control?
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