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  1. Seems like things are getting off topic from the AT-RT leak
  2. what does this have to do with anakin and maul rumors?
  3. This was very informative. I hope everyone is able to adhere to such a strict code of ethics when playing.
  4. I'm not complaining about the costs or even quality of the current cost of CIS commanders. I'm complaining of a lack of point options and how they limit the versatility of lists since they are both saber commanders that don't interact with their army in any way. Having options is nice. GAR will be able to take their new operative and Rex for less than Dooku, and almost the same price as grievous. GAR also has the option of R2. On a side note longer than my main point about the CIS corp unit, an average fully upgraded b1 unit is 7 white dice and 3 black with no surges at a cost of 60. a 62 point corp rebel unit has 6 white and 4 black. Offensively they aren't much. the advantage that the CIS corp has is the bodies, which are worse than paper due to their lack of surges. Spending 10 points on aggressive tactics tax to make them maybe take one less damage a turn feels pretty bad. the TRUE benefit to the CIS corp is the perfect activations they offer. Anything else they offer is matched or surpassed on nearly the same point cost as other factions. But due to the high cost of their commanders, CIS cant take a lot of their 100 point droidekas, their 125 point operative, or their 48 point (without upgrades) other corp unit. The only inexpensive option the CIS have is their B1 corp unit, which really isn't much cheaper compared to other similar options. CIS must jam their corp units, otherwise they dont have enough activations to compete. As for the DLT squad comparison, Storm troopers are defensive with red dice and have precise with surge to hit. Believe me, I know how bad it feels to throw white dice on offense. But a CIS squad without their E5C are lucky to even land 2 hits due to a lack of surge on those white dice, heaven forbid you used the one pip-command cards that didnt enable a chain of coordinates so your unit can't even aim before attacking. B1's arent bad by any means, but they arent there to deal damage or take a hit. They are there for suppression and objectives. /endrant
  5. Yeah! Because the CIS corp unit is 4 points cheaper than the next cheapest corp unit, their commanders must be 125 points higher than the cheapest commanders from the original factions. or 85 points higher than its sister faction the GAR! we can't have "equality" in this game. Clearly CIS is a list thats able to spam its corp units. They need to be punished for saving 24 points across 6 corp units. Punish them with more than three times, or even up to 5 times that cost on their commanders.
  6. nothing like being set back for a month for picking the wrong faction...
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