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  1. Same. I read somewhere that it was a really useful pack for competition so people bought multiples and it sold out quick. Combine that with the game being officially end-of-life'd and the inventory plummeted. If you're feeling adventurous, do some searching internationally. Not sure how reliable the stores are that claim it's in stock. Also, it occasionally pops up on ebay. It's a pain to search for because Destiny also has a booster of the same name. Really wish FFG would do a reprint... I mean, it's the most recent cycle and there still seems to be a demand for this one force pack by all us completionists. And since I'm pie-in-the-sky-ing, how about resurrecting the game with co-op campaigns, like Arkham Horror LCG? Best of luck. If ya find extras, please PM me. I'll do the same.
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