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  1. The thing is that a round equals one minute of combat in this game. Reflect is just as good in the movies. Put together a squad of five or six storm troopers and fire on a single force user with 4 in soak and 4 in reflect. How long does it take those storm troopers to kill them? Quite a few turns and note that is five-six focusing fire a single target for several minutes straight. Most instances in the movies where they deflect blasters and retaliate or run away is a single round.
  2. I am not a complete fan of Disney's trilogy but at the same time I don't know how people can trust the word and take seriously someone who goes by the pseudonym "Doomcock". Maybe I am just getting old..
  3. In Canon there is no Sith'ari in the EU the only two who match the description completely are Bane and Krayt. Krayt even bypassed his limitations and returned from death. Not that it really matters.
  4. To be fair the book was never as bad as the game. He barely beat Vader and was subsequently crushed by Sidious. He attacks Sidious with a telekinetic assault who then randomly drops to his knees and feigns weakness (the book outright states he was feigning weakness to it's not as ambiguous as.. say.. revenge of the Sith.) After which when that fails to get him to try to strike him down he kills him. There's no fight between them. As for Vader in the EU Vader reached his peak in Empire Strikes Back. So he didn't even defeat the most powerful version of Vader. Still an impressive feat but yeah. In the novel he also didn't continue using dark side powers after "Switching sides." he embraced the light completely. No force lightning. Also he barely defeated Shaak'ti. In the novel his star destroyer feat is less impressive too. It was already falling out of the sky. He just nudged it enough to manipulate where it would land. No yanking it out of the sky. Note I'm still not a fan of the novel or force unleashed just pointing out it isn't AS bad as people think. *Back on track* I think Jedi Master is more a state of mind than abilities also I don't think careers should be set in stone. Heck, just because you take that career doesn't mean that's literally what you are. It's just a collection of talents and abilities that make sense for your character. You don't even have to RP that they are full fledged professions. So a Jedi Master could easily have the Jedi Master tree or be an experienced Niman, sage, healer. It's really up to you on how you roleplay it out or what you want your character to be. In the end by "Raw" is what you decide a Jedi Master means. Just my opinion.
  5. Right now I would be happy with an announcement for reprints. Everything is still out of stock. Just a "Reprints are now underway!" would be great for morale. Still, Covid complicates things and they're probably sorting out issues. In due time in due time.
  6. How do I contact a mod to fix the the message that requires posts to be approved? Been wanting to contribute on the forums but currently can't.
  7. Same I am in the same boat.
  8. Unfortunately I started late. Completed my Force and Destiny collection but haven't touched Edge or Age. Unfortunately it's going to be hard to aquire those. Good thing my fiance, my friends, and I are more fascinated with the force aspect of things and I do have Dawn of the rebellion, collapse of the republic, rise of the seperatists, and the Age/Edge core rule books. Between those we can easily have material for those games. Do wish we had all the Career books for edge but I'll try to acquire them over the years. I didn't believe things were hunky and dory too. Splurged 240 on the FND career books. Just wish I didn't discover the game so late. Now I got to get starship and speeders.
  9. Someone on the reddit posted this... "Hello ! I am indeed a translator for the Star Wars range. I can't say anything more than what I implied in my message on the forum. I think that a permanent employee from FFG France will come shortly on the forum to communicate more "officially", or at least to reassure the community (though they might be on their road to Cannes at the moment...). We'll have to wait. But as I said, don't panic, Star Wars and L5R will continue." Not sure if this is relevant but I thought to post it. I wasn't the one who translated the post nor was I the one who asked about the article from D20radio but could this be potentially good news?
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