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  1. Thanks! I'm really happy with how it all turned out. The images were directly linking from my blog, so I've replaced them with imgur links, and added a pic I found of a recent game my roommate and I played. Is it fixed?
  2. Hi all! I built this terrain a few months ago, but I figured I'd put it here and include up a link to the tutorial I wrote today: https://www.craftthegalaxy.com/post/from-wine-bottles-to-geonosian-spires This is the first big terrain piece build I've done for Legion, and I definitely learned a lot in the process, but I think it's a pretty easy way to get some decent looking stuff on the board, especially for new terrain builders! It's definitely better than grabbing whatever is in the cabinet (pic at bottom of post, lol). And here is what my roommate and my first board looked like. Gotta say, those candlesticks were pretty dope. There's a bit of a difference between that battlefield and this one, I think. Peace, Philip
  3. The end of the word hasn't sent me home from work yet, but it has rearranged my schedule a ton. Here's my finished project of the 21st Nova Corps (Phase IIs and modded Snowtroopers). I'm no pro, for sure, but for 3 months experience painting I'm pretty pleased with the result! With both Cody and Bacara from Mel Miniatures, I've struggled to get a good look from my paints, I didn't have this issue as much with Aayla from Skull Forge Studios. Does anyone have any experience with Mel? And I know, Aayla fought with the 327th Star Corps, but I think she fits in with the 21st.
  4. "Cut off and for all we knew abandoned by our superiors, our only hope was Aayla Secura, our Jedi commander. Without her iron will, none of us would have come out of that mess with our sanity, or our lives. When her death came, I hope it was quick. She earned that much." Aayla model from Skull Forge Miniatures.
  5. Hi all! Here is where I will post my paint jobs. Did a little painting with 1/72 WWI minis before getting into Legion, but haven't really painted seriously before getting the Clone Wars core set in January. C & C welcome as I hope to keep improving. Here's my Saber Tank. The one thing I know I could do better was completely forgetting to wash the recesses before weathering it. I tried to go back and do some of it but I didn't like how it looked over the dry brushing. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Also, how do I make these imgur links appear as images? Got it! I want to use the Barc speeder models to put a few guys sitting on the sides. I want to do it with small magnets so I can remove them at will.
  6. Scroll to his final post, he did play a game with the Saber Tank, model and all.
  7. Hi all! Just getting into Legion with my roommate. He plays Seppies, I play Republic. Having some fun starting to list build for the releases that are supposed to arrive at the end of this month. I was playing around with trying to get the Republic to 10 activations, and this is what I came up with: Clone Captain Rex (90 + 12 = 102)--Aggressive Tactics (10), Recon Intel (2)R2-D2 (35 + 5 = 40)--Comms Relay (5)Phase II Clone Troopers (60 + 29 = 89)--Phase II Mortar Trooper (25), Overwatch (4)Phase II Clone Troopers (60 + 29 = 89)--Phase II Mortar Trooper (25), Overwatch (4)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 17 = 69)--Phase I Clone Specialist (17)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 17 = 69)--Phase I Clone Specialist (17)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77)--Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77)--Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25)BARC Speeder (75 + 18 = 93)--BARC Twin Laser Gunner (18)BARC Speeder (75 + 18 = 93)--BARC Twin Laser Gunner (18) Commands: Call Me Captain (1), Ambush (1), Take That, Clankers! (2), Push (2), Were Not Programmed (3), Smoke Screen (3), Standing Orders (4) I know some may disagree on the Twin Laser on the Barc and would like to see more points thrown around the Troopers (maybe some DC-15s or DP-23s if you do that), but I personally believe the extra dice are necessary to make the Barcs worth it. Thoughts? What are some of the weaknesses of this list? Should Rex be running Strict Orders of Aggressive Negotiations? Is it even worth trying to get over 9 activations currently?
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