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  1. I really wish that FFG would address the game-killing problems with distribution. The FLGS that I work at has lost 12 regulars with tournament lists, 3 weekly events, and the community because product is unobtainable. If they just MENTIONED the problems, acknowledged the failures and gave any kind of eta... people would bother sticking around
  2. I'm looking to see if there's a way for me to order prime champion kits, or how to register my store for them. If anyone knows, I'd love some info
  3. I work at the Showcase Comics and Games in Bryn Mawr, and we're looking at doing SWL on Saturdays from 3pm til close! I'm there every week, and there's usually 1 or 2 more players, but we'd love to have you come by! We've got 4 tables, ample terrain, and are hoping to develop a robust community! We're also available to get your pre-orders and regular orders in, and have mini painting events every Saturday at noon if you need to get your armies battle ready!
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