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  1. Stella is a totally new investigator. A mailwoman who delivers cards with her truck (which can carry other players as passengers). According to the livestream her ability has to do with manipulating the mythos bag. Also, Ashcan Pete and Zoey Samaras. 😁
  2. Really excited for this. Between the bigger board (up to 6 tiles per match according to livestream), bigger codex deck (up to 15 cards offering more branching and replayability), and the new Terror mechanic (which does something different than just adding doom), it seems the gameplay will get more varied and nuanced as I had hoped for. 🤗
  3. Bigger and more varied gamespace. A scenario with 6-7 tiles, where the doom "whack a mole" aspect is toned down and winning or losing may be achieved by multiple venues.
  4. Just got the game and having a great time. But I can see the constant "putting out fires/doom" getting tired soon. So, question: would you like to see the next expansions taking the game into new directions gameplay wise? I don't mean cutting out doom entirely, as it fits the game thematically and is too integrated in it's framework. No, what I mean is shaking the default gameplay into new directions, like.. - making scenarios where the mythos bag is more lax, and instead shift the focus into monsters that you must plan/gear up better to face. Perhaps each monster is this mini-boss that requires a combination of skills, gear, clues, etc to defeat. - same logic as above but with the events deck. Make getting clues really difficult and requiring combination of skills/gear/etc. - scenarios that put investigators into conflict with each other (into teams or making one into a betrayal in secret). - scenarios where the codex present mysteries that require actual deduction from the players part. Aka explore the correct places based on actual clues descriptions. - scenarios totally open, with minimalist narrative. Almost like a big arena: collect 15 clues to conjure the big bad at the end and defeat it. - scenarios that chain together to each other forming campaigns (and let's you carry assets from one to the next). - scenarios that shifts the game scale up or down: each city neighborhood becomes a house/room/entire plane/etc. Etc. This game design possibilities are so huge. Frankly, if the expansions are just "putting out doom but on new boards", it ll feel like a big missed opportunity IMO.
  5. My copy just arrived (with the expansion) and I've played the Umordhoth and Azathoth scenarios. I must say, while Aza is really hard (I failed) and can drag somewhat at the end, I was hooked on it's narrative and descriptions (event deck) until the very end. It's reaaaally well written IMO, capturing the subject matter with flavor and creativity. I can see why it's the recommended one for starters. It feels epic, it makes an impact. Umordhoth is much easier and simpler (and perhaps more joyful to play?) but it's narrative didn't grabbed me as much after Azzie and I felt a little disappointed in the end. What are your favorite scenarios flavor/writing wise?
  6. Can't this be mitigated by adding one or two blank tokens to the mythos bag?
  7. How about this: you may attack a second time but only a different monster, and using Will instead of Strenght. This way it would feel thematic and also risky (so not overpowered). I can see many players opting to evade anyway depending on their investigator Will. Thoughts?
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