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  1. He's probably still going to physically come over and open the door for us, which might require some bluffing, or at least a good poker face, but we can just see what happens. He might just nod and go back to his conversation.
  2. @Shlambate not really. My deception isn't great, so you'll want to take the lead on that, but Silun will help wherever he can.
  3. I'm a little confused as well, but I looked back and can see where the misunderstanding came from, it was listed that they were uniforms of the spaceport, which could interpreted as pilot's uniforms or engineers, or even cleaning crew for that matter: So, to clarify, are we specifically wearing engineer's uniforms, or pilot's uniforms?
  4. He can give unskilled assistance, which should give you that boost, unless you were referring to another way to do so.
  5. As Silun follows behind the guards with Zoroku, he watches them make their way into a different room. Fearing that they'll lose their chance to listen in on where this unauthorized shuttle might have gone, he dashes towards the door, only to be stopped short as it closes in front of him. He hisses a word in Sullustan, then turns back towards Zoroku, irritation evident on his face.
  6. We only have a single destiny point, and I don't want to spend that on my messed up check, so I'll take the failure.
  7. @Rabobankrider, I'm going to go with this, let me know if there's anything I need to change about the roll afterward. Silun will take the setback in order to attempt to move stealthily. Althletics check with Enhance power check: 1eD+1eS+2eA+2eF 3 Dark Side I didn't generate any usable force points for Enhance, so I think that overall this ended up being a failure.
  8. How does disadvantage work again? I tried finding it in the core rule books and didn't manage to find it, although I might just be looking in the wrong place.
  9. Ok, I'll attempt it, no promises on how good he'll be at picking up relevant info, but nothing ventured nothing gained! @Rabobankrider, Silun is going to attempt to dash in through the closing door in order to keep up with the guards and keep listening in on their conversation. What check or checks does that entail? I'll put his actions in the IC with the checks once I make them.
  10. @Shlambate continuing to follow would probably be much more difficult to stay hidden, but we might not get a better chance at getting that information, and listening through the door might not cut it. Silun will follow your lead either way, but I think our need for that info outweighs the risk.
  11. @Rabobankrider, should we just assume that Zalen is hanging back to keep an eye on the hangar, or do you want to make his check for him?
  12. Silun's check for staying out of sight while following the guards: Stealth Check: 1eD+4eA+1eB 5 successes, 1 advantage
  13. I'm ok with either way, but individual might end up being the safest way to go. Still, even a group check should be doable.
  14. Trying to figure out the guard's routes: Perception check: 2eD+1eS+1eA+1eP 3 successes, 2 threat Pretty successful, although that threat might leave out something integral.
  15. @Rabobankrider, is there any chance for Silun to try and figure out the guard's routes and timing from observation?
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