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  1. I just want to thank everyone who replied! This was really educational. I think I still like MC30, because of stupid bias, but I definitely plan on getting some *** frigates!
  2. Seems to me that they are tanky and can do damage, but for the cost they excel at neither.
  3. Interesting, great responses guys! I personally really like the idea of the MC30s, and dislike a lot about the assault frigate (not even counting its ugly design.) I was using some drive bys with CR90s, so perhaps that can be done the same with the MC30s. I guess the assault frigs are a lot tankier but the MC30s do a lot more damage for 20 less points. How many CR90s are we talking here? CR90s with TRCs are a lot of fun.
  4. which tends to work better with Ackbar home one fleets: MC30s or Assault Frigate? And when will MC30s be reprinted?? Thanks!
  5. Nice to see some reprints trickling out, though I do see people buying like 6 arquitens or gladiators at a time "just in case" or to scalp. Makes it hard for my friend to get new ships, she just started as imperial! Do we have an idea about rebel reprints at all? Not too concerned with fighter packs or assault frigate, I'm think more like profundity or MC30s. Do we know if Corona virus shutting down factories in China is impacting anything?
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