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  1. Well, I’ve made the change to easy in the token bag. Now to see if I can get my fellow player back. I hope so since I’ve already bought all of Dunwich and it’s expansion packs and all stand alone packs (minus Rogarou since it can’t be found except a single copy on eBay for $50+).
  2. I think I might try dropping from standard to easy, a starting unique item in hand or equipped, and maybe some way to allow a weapon to be reloaded without waiting for one specific card for more ammo, even if it is super minimal like 1 resource as an action to add 1 Ammo to the gun. I don’t think that would be game breaking especially since you’re usually doing 1 damage an action and that’s only if you pass your test.
  3. Well that is a rule I missed... that would have made my life a lot easier.
  4. Before we played the last mission of the starter set, we agreed on always starting with your unique item. Player specific items like the tote bag, amulet, .38 special, etc... We subsequently forgot to set them aside, but both of us ended up drawing our unique item at the start of the game. I also drew amnesia on my fist draw and the mulligan. So, FML on that mission. Starting with 1 card was brutal.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I just don’t want to lose my game partner. It’s tough enough with people in my age range that have family/kids that make game nights sparse to say the least. I’ll get his thoughts on it and see if we can come to a compromise.
  6. Basically, the only person who agreed to play it with me is getting super frustrated. The last game he wasn’t able to get a single clue: drew the federal agents weakness card that eats up clues, had 3 monsters on him he had to burn all his turns taking care of while failing half his draws, and by the time we advanced the act he had 1 health and 1 Horror left. We are playing on standard difficulty. I am worried if I don’t make a change, I will be playing solo, which I don’t enjoy.
  7. Tried searching this topic but I got over 11k results from all over the forum site. anyone using house rules in the game? for example: a test to avoid an enemy attack (I may not hit but the enemy always hits?), damage based on how much you beat the enemy attack value, using your resource pool to reload a weapon, spending points to decrease deck size or heal trauma? I'm sure most of the responses will be “no” and “it will ruin the game”, but I had to ask.
  8. I just recently got AHlcg. I am excited to play it for the first time this weekend. I tend to jump in head first to new games, so I bought a couple stand alone scenarios and Dunwich expansion , and Return to night of the Zealot expansion. should I include the expansion investigator cards and player cards (items/spells/etc...) into our starting campaign from the start? Would that break the game, makings it too easy/ruining the story? If I can add more items/spells/etc... options into the game starting out, i feel it will make it more customizable. I’m just afraid I don’t know the mechanics well enough to make that decision myself.
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