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  1. Hello! I'm new to the game and I have a quick question. Lets say that there is a monster in an adjacent room that is only one 1 space from me. I use the MOVE action to move towards the monster 1 space. I now occupy the space with the monster. I use the ATTACK action and attack the monster. 1) Since I have one movement left on my move action, does that mean I can use the evade check to move back to the previous room? Or does this completely end my turn? 2) Because I moved towards the monster. I'm assuming that counts as an action and thus I only have one remaining action left. Since I attacked the monster that used up my second action and thus I have none left? Right? The only thing I can do at this point is use my last movement space? Also if a monster spawns and it said we take 2 horror with (will to negate). That means if we pass the will roll we don't take any damage correct? But we would need at least 2 will points to completely negate the damage. If we roll a 1, we still take 1 horror of damage, correct?
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