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  1. Yoomnuff turned to see the reporter from earlier and crossed his arms across his chest. "Your compliments are much appreciated! I had a great time running the race and look forward to the next one. As for my teammate, while her run was lost to me, obviously she did very well given her finishing position. A stupendous first race of the season!" Yoomnuff beamed. Sure he would have liked to win himself but he couldn't bring himself to dwell on it especially after everything that had happened today. As Zara made her way over to put her arm around him, Yoomnuff ducked down ever so slightly to make the gesture a little easier "I am unsure, you are the poll position racer, I would have thought fans would be flocking to you with invites by now!" The ball of hair exclaimed cheerily.
  2. Sorry again for the wait guys, I kept checking back here but for some reason I didn't get the notifications. I'll get a post up for Yoomnuff soon here! Also not sure what to do for duty yet but I'll let ya know ASAP
  3. Sorry guys! I completely forgot that I had to make a post to go along with the rolls, my bad. Also I loved Ford vs. Ferrari and I think that'd be a pretty good way of going about the races.
  4. With the last leg of the race fast approaching Yoomnuff knew he'd need to get his act together if he was going to finish in a good position. Alas the giant ball of fur did not, becoming indecisive of wether he should go for the ramps or not, overall ruining his otherwise impressive time. Coming upon the finish line, Yoomnuff was disappointed with his later half of the race but still had a big goofy grin hidden underneath his translator. He had just finished his first official race.
  5. This might just be me but I didn't really understand the current winning score tally. I got the tally for myself and @Edgehawk but were those other ones the going tallies for the other racers? Other than that I liked everything about it though I agree having more for the non-racers to do would be great, I felt a little bad that Yoomnuff and Zara were the only ones really doing anything.
  6. No dice, tried my best! Does that mean I fail to get to speed 4 or drop down to speed 3 at the end? @Rabobankrider Two forgotten boosts from Zara and the mechanics: 2eB 1 success
  7. I did use the boost for handling but I didn't use the one from Zara or the mechanic duo. @Rabobankrider should I re roll or just run with the roll I made?
  8. Oh well, was pretty good outta the gate. Oh wait, did one of you guys give me a boost? Or did those both go to Zara?
  9. Here's my roll. I tried doing the destiny flip too but I'm not sure if I did it right. Does this look correct to you guys? Accelerating to speed 4 (Flipped one destiny to upgrade check): 3eD+1eC+4eP+1eB 3 failures
  10. Sorry about the wait there guys, gonna use my two advantages to boost @Edgehawk's next check. Win together lose together! EDIT: Also @Rabobankrider, does me failing that roll mean I drop to 3 speed?
  11. Yoomnuff was like a god on a glider at the beginning but as he got into the wide open section of the track the big lug lost his nerve. The fact that he wasn't swerving and weaving, just trying to keep on the track made him snap out of his trance. The lull of the wide open area was bad on Yoomnuff's time but the one moment of serenity spurred the Gigorian on with another dollop of determination as he made his way into the next section of the race. Maintaining speed 4: 3eD+1eC+1eA+3eP+1eB 2 failures, 2 advantage
  12. I'm gonna wait on the ruling for the what to do with the advantages before I make my next post if thats ok with ya'll. Also @Edgehawk, if you end up wanting to use that advantage to pull off something sick then that's cool.
  13. That roll was better than what I was expecting! @Rabobankrider Could I use my triumph to make one of the other racers crash and get the +3 Place value? If I get to choose specifically I'd like to pin it on a certain Nikto Yoomnuff met at the bar.
  14. Yoomnuff had a real good run in the first leg of the race, punching it into the next gear a little earlier than he normally would but wether through the expert mechanic work done to it or maybe a fluke of the machine, Yoomnuff's speed grew quicker than he anticipated. Reaching the slopes, Yoomnuff begins to get a little nervous, the good start bringing the old saying in like a bantha, out like a rancor to mind. However he trusted in his skills and decided to push it again and brought the bike to full speed. Accelerating to speed 4: 3eD+1eC+1eA+3eP+1eB 2 successes, 1 Triumph
  15. Sorry for the wait guys, I'll get a post up here in a minute. @Rabobankrider I'm gonna go ahead and bump up my speed with the free manuver
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