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  1. Hey, I've got a question for FFG that they may or mat not answer and then maybe the general community will be able to share their experience/knowledge and in the end we can all benefit. So, my question is:- I'm really new to the game, I've bought a couple of core sets and a dozen or so expansions and am looking at just starting to create squad lists. So I spend a few hours online with the official squad builder and put together a couple of lists that look ok to me (they'll probably not work but I get to try things out and learn). I'm then reading all this stuff about how bad the official app is. So I do a check and it can't even add up. At this point I have my unhappy face because c'mon guys - it's not F'in rocket science! I then read lots of stuff about points changing and how even official tournaments aren't accepting lists produced by the official app. So I spend yet more time and enter all the details in to an aftermarket squad builder, that I have no idea is even officially recognised, only to find low-and-behold everything there has different points. So exactly WTF am I meant to do to create a list? All of the official stuff I've actually paid my hard earned pennies for tell me that I use the official app to build a squad. It gives me exactly Jack about where to find a hard copy of any points (again it's simple maths it's not f'in rocket science)! If such a list of points exists then where do I find it? If there isn't then surely the official app is the only one that can be right (regardless of if it's wrong)? Basically, there's this new game (to me) with pretty models and a pretty good concept and way of playing. It's all looking good, and from a business point of view the manufacturers are on to a good thing. But then after initial contact it feels like they have done the absolute best they can to disenfranchise their entire market. To say that I've got my unhappy face on at this minute is an understatement, it's pretty much morphed into an angry one. I'm now (even by writing this question) using up the only truly priceless commodity I have - my time! Time that I've thought it a nice option to give some of the little I have spare to this game. I'm really wondering whether the whole thing is actually worth any of my effort or to just box everything I've bought back up and return it as "not as advertised." Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated, after all, these things are meant to be fun!
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