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  1. Ships with different personalities are needed. I concur, those two come to mind: The Crusader Class Corvette is a great choice and needed for the scums. It is a true war machine that could dominate. The Consular is also a great choice if it comes with A Radiant VII config (No weapon - diplomatic craft) yet with the possibility to add all sorts of weapon and equipment so that a clone war refit can be created. There are not that many corvettes size ships left in SW universe that are exciting to look at. FFG needs to get in discussion with the folks at Lucas and create a new concept like they did with the Raider. The Separatist could use one!
  2. This ship is full of potential. It can be fitted like an un-armed support ship like the GR-75 for the initial Radiant VII config. And Yes, the C70 retrofit is close to the CR-90. I would remove one or two Hull and Shield since these where not build to be war vessels. Anything in between works. It simply depends on how intensive the initial Diplomatic ship was rettrofited.
  3. Thank you for sharing all your lessons learned and tricks @Ghosthacked! Very inspiring work. My next project will need the effect created by the sponge technique! Now I know the technique 😃👍. Will need to practice since it obviously requires honed skills!
  4. I like the challenge! Yes, there is a need for a redesign. I started to look around and make sketches. Designing a good looking starship is not simple! Just look at the amount of design work Lucasfilm invested to create the U-Wing... it takes time.
  5. Wow! Thank you for pointing out this amazing "loose canon" pilot! She deserve her own Pilot Card.
  6. Indeed @jedistarfighter12, the blue squadron is epic and I will paint a couple X-Wing to fit the U-Wing which already comes with that paint scheme. That is Easy enought.
  7. The squadron could use this capital ship for its home base: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Corona-class_frigate
  8. Was looking for a special theme for my 2nd X-Wing flight. Besides the good old Red Squadron, many others had difficult times and their stories are often short and gloomy. To be expected I guess when you fight against the Empire… Happy endings are not that common. Then I found a Squadron which did great with little casualties even if it did participate in a few important battles (Hoth and Endor)! It's the Corona Squadron. The details on Fandom also include 5 great pilots that FFG could introduce if they wanted. And you’ve guest, its name is easy to remember in today’s context! The Corona Squadron. Check it out. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Corona_Squadron What is your favorite SW squadron?
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