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  1. Looks like you're right! I can find the word 'limited' anywhere in the Under a Black Sun (or Shadows of a Black Sun) announcements. Thanks for explaining it!
  2. Fair point, but I don't think that it's "effectively useless" without the main rules like he said. Though, assuming he's right (he probably is), it still makes me wonder why FFG hasn't released Glare Peak either as a book you can buy on their website, or as a PDF.
  3. Under a Black Sun does have rules and mechanics though. admittedly not much more than what's needed to play the adventure module, but still.
  4. What about Under a Black Sun then? Was that before the licensing deal with EA?
  5. When I was first reading the rules for initiative, I was thinking "oh cool. then if you're unprepared you can put a setback or two to the initiative check." Then I read the Vigilance/Cool rules and that didn't seem to make sense anymore. So now I'm wondering, when does it make sense to add boosts or setbacks to initiative checks? Should you even do it at all? Help!
  6. You know how the free RPG day module Under a Black Sun got released in pdf format? Since Glare Peak is also a free RPG day module, did it get rereleased as a PDF? to clarify, I'm not asking about piracy. I'm asking if there's an official pdf for it, since there was one for UaBS.
  7. Let me explain. Do you like spending Threat and Despair to affect the story in ways not directly related to the PCs' check? Let's say a PC trying to slice a door open, and gets a despair. Do you, as the GM, say The slicing has turned on the alarm and now there are enemies coming or the door opens, and Darth Vader is there? What are the thoughts of the board?
  8. So, right now, my game is heading towards the (first) Battle of Geonosis. I wanted to do it justice, so is there any way I could make it interesting? I'd like to avoid doing mass combat, since no one in the party seems like they would lead more than 6-7 Clone Troopers. from AToC, it seemed like the battle was relatively undefined and it mostly focused on what Obi-Wan and Anakin were doing while the battle was going on.
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