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  1. Thanks all. I'll talk to my DM next session.
  2. Thanks LordBritish. Great name by the way. Never actually played any of the Ultima games myself, but my brother used to tell me all about them years ago!
  3. Thanks Tramp Graphics, I'll talk to my DM about it.
  4. I don't know it may be a different take on the starter campaign. My character has a vision shortly before it, then they looked at my character, shouted "there they are", we ran and then they started firing. The laser colour was red. I don't know if that makes sense as I'm not familiar with the campaigns, being only my second time playing an EotE campaign. The first time I played, which was years ago, the group ended up disbanding shortly after starting. This is the first time with the new character.
  5. I spoke to my DM in passing about it and he said that he didn't make it generate conflict this time. I'll show him this thread with responses from other DMs here, and hopefully that will help the gameplay in the future.
  6. Hi apologies if this is the wrong place for this, if so please direct me to where I can post. So I'm doing a beginner EOTE adventure and the group are escaping captivity. My character is also an FSE, but isn't aware of her powers. So there is a point where 3 stormtroopers attacking us, shooting to kill, and we ran towards the ship we are trying to steal. We got through the blast doors of the hanger and locked them on the other side and proceeded to get into the ship etc. As we were getting ready to leave, the storm troopers blew up the blast doors and were coming in after us. I was on the ventral gun and had an opportunity to attack them before they attacked the ship and the pilot assisted in the roll. So I fired at the masonry above the blast door to knock it down onto all three stormtroopers and succeed. I did not use the force to do so. However the GM then said that I would move more towards the dark side for that move as I had taken 3 lives. I took 1 strain and I think he may have flipped a destiny chip. The concept of moving towards the dark side bothered me so I ended up looking into it and saw that he may have been using the morality system and was perhaps using it harshly in my view. Does that outcome sound right to you? If not should I talk to my GM about it next session?
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