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  1. I think they do have to have LOS to the unit they are sharing to/from, but otherwise I agree. The ability to rearrange the action economy of your units to give 2-3 more attacks to your "better" heavy weapon groups (Phase II's with a Z6/mortar, ARC's with the sniper) in a round AND let you attack a unit other than the one that triggered the standby AND ignore the suppression of the unit it is shared to is not fun and interactive.
  2. I'm looking forward to it on Maul, assuming he throws a good amount of dice. The only time I've ever seen an Aim action taken by a force user was when that force user was already engaged with a tough multi-wound model that hadn't had a chance to move/withdraw yet. I've seen it with Saber Throw too but the 1-2 range usually means I'm trying to keep up with whatever I'm attacking if I don't last-first, so an Aim action isn't always guaranteed. Defensive Stance seems pretty good too, there are definitely times I would want a Dodge action in addition to Force Reflexes for 1 or 2 turns, and the ability to just flip it at the start of your activation means you aren't stuck with it on the turns that you want to go ham. Pretty versatile for only 5 points.
  3. I can really only speak to the CW Separatist commanders since they are all I’ve played, but my thoughts would be: Grievous Pros: · massive 8 health-pool and red dice saves · two command upgrade slots so you don’t have to choose between taking Aggressive Tactics and something else · Arsenal and two lightsaber attacks let him hit hard in melee · his weapon upgrade is a Versatile ranged weapon that gives him more options both in and out of melee · Scale and Relentless make him a pretty mobile threat Cons: · 2 courage means less of a panic safety net for your corps units, and it also means he’ll panic fast if he’s focused. · only has Block, not Deflect, which is only a smallish downgrade IMO · no surges, but he does surge to crit when attacking force users from Jedi Hunter. · his command cards are (I have been told) a little lackluster when you compare them with Dooku’s. That’s not to say they’re “bad” but they aren’t super versatile with what you can do with them. I suspect his 2- and 3-pip cards will become a little more synergistic with the rest of his faction as time goes on and more units are released. To sum up Grievous, he is kind of the definition of a beatstick commander, and if you like melee units, you are going to like Grievous’ playstyle. While he does like to get stuck in and engage with your opponent’s units, he doesn't have access to force powers that give other units like Luke/Vader more leverage in melee engagements. All that means is despite his health and defenses, he needs to choose his fights a little more carefully than those units. I can say (and other people should feel free to correct me) that Grievous kind of set the standard for me for what the mechanical “theme” is for Separatists compared to the Republic, and that is that your corps units are more or less sacrificial pawns that you use to support your more effective and expensive commanders/operatives/heavies. You’ll still use your B1s/B2s and company to take objectives, but don’t expect them to be as good at holding them as their commanders are because white saves are… white saves. As an aside, the Republic’s theme would be that you have slightly stronger and more expensive corps units that your commanders or operatives support, whether that’s with scads of useful tokens or buffs to range and movement. Dooku Pros: · 3 force power upgrade slots + Mastery of the Force 2 means you can really get a lot out of the force upgrades you put on him. · 3 courage which puts him at +1 over Grievous · red defense dice and Deflect, standard force user fare · he gets a lightsaber and a ranged force lightning weapon, and he surges to crit · his Makashi Mastery makes him very good against Immune: Pierce units in melee · his command cards are really good. One gives him Relentless and Arsenal for one turn, another lets you shuffle two of your opponent’s order tokens back into their stack, and his last one lets you move a unit that you attack with your ranged lightning. · Cunning means you win priority on ties with his command cards Cons: · no Jump, Scale, or native Relentless/Charge means he is very slow to get to engagements or to move around the table in general compared to other force users · only one command upgrade slot so you have fewer choices with what you can run here when he’s your only commander · he’s very expensive points-wise. 205 + whatever upgrades you put on him and you’re going to want to fill every slot, he’s that good. Dooku is my favorite so I’m very biased, but he brings so much to CIS mechanically and thematically that I don’t think I’ll ever not take him (unless I’m running something points-greedy like double AAT). He’s definitely not as tough or mobile as Grievous, but he still hits very hard and brings utility to his engagements in the form of force powers and his command cards. A popular build choice has been to run both Dooku and Grievous (made possible by the low cost of the B1 droids) in case you decide to pick them both up, and it also means you’re not stuck just using Grievous’ command cards. I can’t really speak to Cad Bane’s pros/cons yet just because I haven’t been able to play a game with him, and any thoughts I have about him are pure theory crafting rn. I would say that since he is the only operative available to CIS as of now, adding him to a list is useful for getting a higher activation count without having to run a second commander.
  4. Right, I'd only run STAPs in numbers >1 if I were building the list with those objectives in mind (Breakthrough, Bombing Run) just because those speed-3 Speeder 1 moves look so nice in those scenarios. Outside of that I would agree, I'm not sold on their staying power either. My droidekas have been eviscerated in their wheel forms (nearly) every time I've dared try to send them out, I'm hoping I won't be having any flashbacks trying to run it again with STAPs. With BX loadouts, I've only looked at a few from the other threads on here but these seemed viable: BX Strike Team (20) + Sniper (30) + Offensive Push (4) = 54 points, seems good for activation padding and I don't have to be too worried about missing activation control with Offensive Push. BX Commandos (68) + Sniper (30) + Offensive Push (4) + Deflector Shields (18) = 120 points, with dodges, cover and shield tokens it could have some serious staying power for stationary objectives or even Payload. Maybe an HQ Uplink for another 10 for re-upping shields and Offensive Push, but even before that this unit is super expensive and I'd have to run those 3 naked B1s to even consider adding this to a list. BX Commandos (68) + Tenacity (4) + Vibroswords (6) = 78 points, I have 0 experience with melee units beyond Dooku and Grievous, but it seems like with Charge, Scale, and Impervious saves these guys could get into melee with minimal losses and disrupt units on objectives. I'd include the Saboteur combinations but I feel like they would have to have a list built around them rather than something you can just throw in. I could definitely be wrong about that, I haven't seen Rebel and Imp lists that use Saboteurs. I agree with you about the AAT, I am so tempted to snag another one off of Amazon before they're sold out again. I know that one Gencon Double AAT list had to run 6 naked B1s to make room and that line of thinking prompted me to ask about them. Yeah, this has kind of been the case with the lists I've brought against my Republic friend. Before Vital Assets, I would basically just swarm objectives with six core B1s on the key turns and hope that the cover + their collective health was enough to hold out for 1-2 turns. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but it was always disappointing to see an 8-droid unit scrubbed down to just the unit leader or worse in one turn due to fire support. I can definitely pump a list up to 9-10 activations with the new releases, and that's why I'm wondering whether the heavy weapons are worth the same or less compared to the new stuff that seems to do well outside the activation control bubble, like STAP Coordinate pods with their own HQ Uplink, or BXs being able to Dodge/AI: Move and Charge and still get stuff done. I think this is what I'll be doing once the new expansions drop. That extra trooper slot will also come in handy once we get the specialist upgrade packs a ways off.
  5. 2-3 STAPs seem like they'd be useful for scoring in Breakthrough, Bombing Run, and in Payload as a fast harassment tool to peel units off the bomb cart. I could pad a list like that with BX sniper strike teams, Cad Bane, or B1 squads with heavy weapons. I guess the question becomes: are B1s with heavy weapons able to contribute something to a STAP list before they get wiped off the board? Or should I skip the heavy weapon, run the naked squads, and invest more points in "better" activations (fully kitted BXs, Dooku with all Force slots filled, Cad Bane with his weapon/training upgrades)?
  6. Hey all. This is a question for Sep players (and maybe Rebels too). I see a lot of Rebel lists running naked Rebel troopers for their bare minimum 3 core. I'm wondering if this is viable for Separatist armies as well, running 3 naked B1s instead and maybe an HQ Uplink on one for activation control. They wouldn't be contributing much in the way of dice and good keywords, they'd just be more bodies to throw at objectives. I know Reb Troopers have a little more staying power with Nimble and surges, does the extra health from more minis in the B1s compare to that? Or are the heavy weapons something Sep lists cannot do without? With Cad Bane out and BXs/STAPs on the way, there are a lot of cool toys I'd like to fit into a list and any spare points are useful, at least until we get the cheap commanders next year.
  7. Hey everybody. This might be a really stupid question, but I'm looking for some clarification on this. My friend and I just got into the hobby last month and split a core set, and I chose Seps. I put them together pretty easily, but I did not realize that certain parts only went on certain minis whose part numbering they matched (A6 belonging to the other A-parts, etc). I thought you could just put whatever legs you wanted on each one and call it good, so I ended up putting one of my B1 unit leaders on the kneeling legs because it looked cool and was different from the plain standing mini. About a week later when we actually started playing, I read in the tournament rules that modifications to the height of a mini are not allowed in actual play. My questions are: 1. Should I try to replace this mini with another B1 binocular mini with the standing legs? 2. Can I sub in an OOM mini from upgrade expansion as my unit leader instead, even if I'm not using an OOM upgrade card? And one more question on this topic: I also modified my Grievous mini with one of the extra clone heads that would've gone on the BARC. Grievous has his left foot perched on top of the helmet on his base. This makes him a little taller than he would be if he had both feet on the base as intended. Would this also not be allowed in actual tournament play?
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