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  1. Also, is there a plan to update strange eons? I have a few ideas with what I would like to see. The "new" ships and factions? What about purple actions? Linked Calculate? Deplete/Strain? A way to make custom tokens? More arcs (sides, full front, full rear)? The much requested upgrade card creator?
  2. Is there a plan to add the new factions and ships?
  3. I think that a set of dazzel camo vultures would be cool. As a separatist player myself I've always wanted to mod my vultures to be in their walking mode so that you could have a table top representation of the grappling struts, thought that is more modding and less painting. (If I recall there are threads dedicated to both.)
  4. Hmmmm..... I like the idea, what would be the starting price-point?
  5. What about bringing in the cruise missiles upgrade from 1.0? It could favor the ships that can fly fast and use, it??? I don't really know, but here is a card for it that I just made up quick: (sorry that it's sideways) Additionally, you could make the number of charges tied to the agility of the ship (excluding stealth device). Although then it would become even more appealing to a TIE/d
  6. Awesome! I just went and looked at it and it works great! Thanks!
  7. Gotcha! What I ended up doing for my separatist card, is using the card images from the x wing wiki. By saving them as a JPG I could just resize them to fit, and it was fairly quick. For the background image and the reverse of the card, I just took a copy of a card that I had and scanned it in. I love this platform for making custom pilot cards, and I look forward to when the upgrade cards are added (as well as the other factions)!
  8. Gah! See, this is why I can't have nice things! I find something good and then I get sloppy and try and make it better, which in the process totally screws it up! Good catch though- I thought there was a reason that I chose to have it be the Fireball.
  9. Hey everyone! I just downloaded the program and it's github counterpart, and right off of the bat, I have a few questions - How do you make upgrade cards - where are the other factions (other than the original three from first edition) - How (or where) do you find/make the little black image of the ship Thanks!
  10. I just wanted to say, as someone who just go their first nantex a few weeks ago (and hasn't had a good opportunity to use it yet) these reports have been helpful, to figure out some of the basic do's and dont's. It's good to see someone who isn't bashing the nantex!
  11. If you wanted to, you would swap R1-J5 for BB-8 or Rose in the transport pod, to save you 3 points, but I think that the additional health is more important...
  12. yup! its a weird trick, but will most likely catch your opponent off guard if you can execute it properly!
  13. The article only confirmed two though (if I'm not mistaken) and there were a lot more than two on the roster that was released by ProTech. And since SKU means stock keeping unit, we don't know if they are even all for x-wing. It just says that there are 7 allotted for star wars. My guess is that x wing gets the HMP, LAAT/i, and the Xi class shuttle. The remaining slots probably go to legion. Probably the Iden commander and the Inferno squad. For the rebels Cassian commander and the clan wren squad. If I'm not mistaken those were the "next" thing for legion
  14. So I've done my best to stay away from this thread, but I can't help keeping up to date with the conversation. I would just like to say that I love how much we all care (note this is not sarcasm). I think that it is fantastic that we all care about the direction that (sorry to the rest of the world, but I'm seeing that the majority of this is about the U.S.) this country is going. To look at this from a purely glass-half-full view (and perhaps this is just me being naive), I think that this "discussion" is good. The fact that we all are up in arms, protecting what we relive to be the right course for this country. It makes me happy to see that everyone is involved, and cares. I think that we have seen both ends of this spectrum, and I think that we can all agree that the truth here (truth being the right course of action), is somewhere in the middle. I disagree with the people who think that this thread should be locked up and deleted. I see what you are saying with the disrespect, but I would make the argument that this how things should be. It is a bummer that we all feel the need to be rude to each other (I'm not faulting anyone in particular here- I think that we all have moments where we take our anger out on someone else, or retaliate to what we feel was a personal attack), but if that is the way that it's going to be, then I say let it be that way. Life isn't clean and "respectful" and the solution to the virus, (and I would make the argument more importantly) the economy. So those are my two cents, and to all of you who are willing to put yourself out there and hash out your feelings, kudos to you! Thank you for your concern for our country, and for ultimately each other. Because isn't that really what this is all about? Were arguing here about the best way to keep our neighbors and fellow citizens safe and prosperous. So laugh at me if you will, but from an outside perspective this is good! In retrospect this post reads a little too sing-songy for my liking (this was not my intention), but...... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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