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  1. This is showing Out of Stock again. Is this being reprinted again?
  2. When does the app update go live for the Shadowed Paths content?
  3. Stumbled across another mini expansion, similar to Villains of Eriador, Dwellers in Darkness. Product code: FFGJME07 Anyone heard anything about it?
  4. When spending points to replace a commanders ability. Can you reselect and ability that you have previously replaced? The rules say that you cannot purchase an ability more than once at the same tier? Is that saying what my question assumes? As in another paragraph it says A player can choose to replace a commanders ability with a different ability they purchase. e.g. If I have previously replaced Master Engineer I, can I, in a future purchase, get the same skill back again?
  5. I’d swap Leading Shots for Hi-Capacity ion Turbines for the extra blue dice
  6. For a repair command you may spend engineering points to place (or remove) objective tokens on the card. Can you add and then remove tokens During the same repair command?
  7. So, you couldn’t draw LOS through the green line that separates 2 hull zones.
  8. When a squadron is checking Line of Sight to a ship, does it check from nearest part of the squadron base to the yellow dot or nearest part of the ship base for that arc?
  9. How come the Exogorth attacks aren't affected in the same way by escort squads?
  10. Stick him on an asteroid, he is obstructed and not engaged, he doesn't loose any more dice.
  11. Exogorths also get to attack all squads in range too. But re-reading the whole thread, I think Karnack is correct, Escort is a keyword,the rules are in the rulebook. IG88B is a card power, so it supercedes it. The term "cannot” is frequently over ruled by other card effects. e.g. Weapons Team.
  12. IG88B text also says ”treat these attacks as obstructed". If you are obstructed, you are not engaged, therefore Escort doesn't affect him.
  13. So if you placed an ignition token and you have 2 ships in your front arc, a Riekeen zombie ship in your special arc, and another ship in your front arc and don't have Gunnery Teams, you must shoot at the zombie ship in your special arc, even though it's already dead?
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