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  1. I don't care what it is, why it was introduced: I like it. Overall, I like this system. I like this fifth edition. It's the one that made me start game-mastering. It's important to me. I felt like saying this after seeing so many negative comments.
  2. I keep looking for news on french sites. I'll tell you all if something comes up. I like this game so much! It's the one that made me start game-mastering, this particular edition. In my club (I play in an association), there was more than twice many potential players that wanted to play it than the number of slots I had in the table. It's proven itself very popular here! And we have a lot of fun with it! We don't want it to stop.
  3. I don't think so, they said that numerous times, on Twitter and on their specifically dedicated forums for the L5R TTRPG.
  4. The guys from FFG France keep insisting no to worry, that L5R and Star Wars are not stopping (and they said they weren't only talking about the translations).
  5. I just received Path of Wave and Sin of Regret. Path of Wave is absolutely gorgeous and is gonna be a great help for my rônin player, for whom we didn't have a lot of options until now.
  6. Sorry, work was demanding. I have a Shiba bushi, a Shinjo outrider, a Hida bushi (Hida Sugi from the box, the player instantly fell in love with her) and a rônin bushi. I had also a Bayushi courtier but he missed three consecutive sessions, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cut him out.
  7. Hello everyone! Sorry to disturb tou all, but I need help with the rule of how to balance opposition for the PC. I know there's a rule for this in the Core book (it's page 360 I think...), but I don't quite understand it. And my PC, while just being rank 1, seem already too strong for most of their adversaries (they're literaly wipping the floor with them). ... ... and if someone wants to precise mass battle, as those two are my main problems with the rules, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Ok. Thanks. I'm a french player who bought the english version because the translated one has been delayed for nine months and was just released, one year after the Beginner Set. I was lucky enough to find the books in some french online shops until now, but seeing you all saying thr new ones were "out of order" had me panicking. God, those books are hard to find!
  9. So... how does it work? Do they usally print a new batch of books or that's it? No way to find them?
  10. @Avatar111is right, it's one the problem with this edition of L5R, rule-wise: there's informations everywhere, about everything, in margins, really, everywhere. A lot of time you don't know where to search. It can really be an hindrance when playing. That and calculing strife in battle for opposing PNJ can really drag the game unnecessarily. A possible fix would be a "companion" or "player's guide" type of book, ordering things a little more. Anyways, seems those books are finally gonna be released. It's good, I was begining to lose hope.
  11. It feels like the whole line is ending, they just keep pushing back the inevitable news
  12. Still trying to post here. How come none of my posts are approved?
  13. I have a question, sorry if it's stupid or anything, but... are you all using all of these short stories in your games? How do you keep track of everything? At this point, I'm finding incredibly difficult to keep track of the lore the way it is presented, I would prefer so much more a "History of Rokugan" sourcebook...!
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