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  1. I had a lengthy post about how this seems to work in Rokugan, but if we want to accept your premises @robothedino (which appear to be rejected by the material as I understand it), the best answer is that the structure of the Crab standing army shields the Hiruma in ways that do not apply in clans that are not constantly at war. The defense of the Wall as described in the Shadowlands book is done by a central army raised and directed at the clan level not as called up levies from the individual families. This central structure is more like the Imperial Legions on a smaller scale as opposed to the called up militia like structure that the other clans use for their border skirmishes and the like. Since it is explicitly the duty of the Yasuki to procure the supplies for this force, it makes sense that the funds for this force would be dispensed at the Clan level. Since the Hiruma for the most part serve in this standing army, their stipends and resources are predominantly going to come from clan level taxes and income which would not require family resources as it is normal for individuals in Clan service to be paid at the clan level. I should also note that politically the Crab Clan frequently has to argue that the importance of their duty requires that they be supported by wealthier groups in Rokugan (frequently by Imperial decree). It would be politically disastrous for the Crab Clan to contradict two Kami and this external message by taking away prerogatives laid down by Hida-no-Kami and Hantei I and anyone in the Clan who thought differently would be a renegade who would need to be discredited quickly before they undermined the war effort by giving the Crane et al excuses to take away resources from the Crab.
  2. I have been asked by our regular GM to help build a new setting for our L5R group that will expand the options for our players. My copy of Path of Waves should be arriving on Wednesday and I was hoping for a place I could ask some questions at that time to help me get going. Sadly, it seems difficult to do that here since all of our threads get derailed by a few people reciting the same complaints they have had for at least the past year. Is there somewhere I can go to get insights that will not be hijacked by rants about the conflicts chapter? Thank you so much.
  3. We get it. Please stop derailing every thread by endlessly repeating the same things over and over. I would like to use these forums to get information to build a better campaign involving ronin and the outskirts of the Emerald Empire, but all I am getting is yet another thread about how a few people do not like certain aspects of the conflict and gear systems. Is there anything I can do to get my questions answered without having to listen to a rehash of the same points that have been on every thread for the last year?
  4. If you look at Katrina Ostrander's twitter feed from the days before the announcement about the RPG lines (as I have), you do not see any complaints about toxic fandoms or fandoms in general. What you will find is a spike in anger about companies being dismantled by private equity. If several of your co-workers were being laid off and my work being diminished, I you would be probably focus my ire on the reason for the layoffs. The fact that Ms. Ostrander is talking about private equity makes it probable that we should look there. FFG is drawing down production on multiple game lines whose fan bases are different and thus it is unlikely that it is anything about those groups as opposed to a specific business decision by management that is causing this. I have been consulting on private equity and its impact on the U.S. employment market for a Southeastern and youth arms of a very large organization that most of you have heard of for the last 8 years. Everything that is happening at FFG is something I have seen many times at a number of groups that we have studied. If you want to learn more, David Dayen at the American Prospect and Matthew Stoller at the Open Markets Institute have written extensively on this topic and how these layoffs facilitate the kind of looting Ms. Ostrander has been reviling. I agree that some of the posts on this board have not been what they could have been, which is why I have lurked on this board for well over a year before jumping in. That being said, it is unlikely to explain why multiple other product lines were shut down while the private equity is looting FFG to cash out an investment does.
  5. Courts of Stone recounts that what would become the Deer clan was founded in part by a shugenja who went ronin because her family did not approve of him marrying his wife. The story is on pp. 79-80.
  6. Is it possible the French FFG folks are conflating the Card/miniature games with the RPGs?
  7. Agreed. It is much more likely that the private equity firm that owns FFG is liquidating the RPG and interactive departments to pretty up the balance sheet for a sale or other form of equity cash out measure. Most private equity firms make their money by inflating the value of their investments through such liquidations immediately prior to sale even if it damages the company or destroys profitable business lines in the process (e.g. most U.S. retailer takeovers in the past decade). Both the article about the closing down of the lines and posts in Katrina's twitter feed reference this reality and we should probably look there for our answers.
  8. If anyone is interested, Path of Waves is no longer out of stock at FFG's online sales portal. I guess it was only the pre-order copies that were sold out and that this is the main inventory tranche.
  9. The "out of stock" note only means that FFG does not have any more available for order through their online ordering system. At this point I am sure their distributors have not all sold out, which means that you should be able to find them either from an online bookseller or a local store (my local gaming store has several of them coming in including the one I pre-ordered in a few weeks). As far as reprints, they done that in the past but I am newer to FFG products than many other people here on this board, and will defer to them on that topic.
  10. I am new here (although I have been lurking for about a year), but I think there is more room for hope about L5R 5th edition than some might think. First, I looked at most top 100 ranking at drivethrurpg and noticed that a lot of those titles (e.g. all the Onyx Path titles) do not have the traditional print runs that all the L5R books are getting, whose sales would not be included in those totals. I had to buy my copy of Hurt Locker (a Chronicles of Darkness book) through Drivethrurpg, but purchased my copy of Courts of Stone for instance at a book store. Drivethrupg is not a monopoly distribution channel and its results may not be representative especially when we are talking about books with the art budget L5R has. The other reason for optimism is that L5R is owned outright by FFG. Because they have a sunk capital cost on their balance sheet to amortize and do not have to pay licensing fees, the number of books they need to sell to make L5R RPG profitable is much smaller. It is likely therefore that FFG is being straight with us and we will have L5R 5th edition for years to come.
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