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  1. 38: commander/operative. Gives surge tokens and can revive models Fixer/40: operative. Repairs vehicles and maybe gives objective bonuses Scorch/62: operative. Grenade launcher and can plant explosives Sev/07: operative. Sniper boi
  2. Droids seriously need that content drop....
  3. As I said, I’m pretty new to legion and I suspect against a more traditional army, the list will start to run into problems. It’s still a lot of fun though! and ya he is!
  4. is The post ok to go up? If not, what do I need to change? Hey there! As you can tell I'm new to the forum and the game! But based on what I've seen, I find myself in a pretty unique position in Legion; my whole army is wookiees! Commander: Luke Skywalker: Force Reflexes, Force Push Operatives: Chewbacca Corps: 3xRebel Scum with Z-6 Special Forces: 3xWookiee Warriors with Bowcasters and Recon Intel Total: 800 I got into this game because of great friend of mine gifted me half his Legion set of Christmas (It was super nice of him! What a champion)! Normally I wouldn't be interested in playing as rebel filth (seeing as the Empire is 100% more awesome), but as you can see I managed to make the army into something I'm really happy with! All it took was picked up 3 boxes of wookiees and Chewbacca and now I'm pulling the arms out of people's sockets! My friend and I played 2 games and I noticed that the more wookiees I added the better I did. The final game was an 800 points (I used a similar list to what is seen above) and we're both convinced wookiees are total bs! I'd love to see a battle report with painted minis (I haven't gotten around to painting mine yet) to see how well the list would do in a different gaming circle. Get wook!
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