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  1. Just to piggyback on your informative post, the big boxes add 2 Ancient Ones, but only 1 of them requires the sideboard. The other one can be added to the core game and doesn't require/anticipate the sideboard.
  2. Anyone have a plan for what to do when you actually run out of a particular condition (or spell or whatever?). Recently played a 5 player game and we were down to 1 debt and 1 leg injury in the deck. Fortunately, we avoided an actual deficit, but it raised the question: should we randomly substitute another physical injury? Do you disallow future debts if there are no more cards for it?
  3. Mine are split and anytime there is a need to draw something in general, we roll a die to determine which one to draw from and then go random draw from there. Having 1 massive stack has led to too much "wait are we actually OUT of leg injuries already?" situations where players are taking turns rifling the decks.
  4. I bought Unseen Forces because it actually expands the core game whereas all the other expansions seem to 'replace' it by using the core assets to set up an entirely new/different game. Are there ANY assets in the other expansions that could be applied to the core game to make it even bigger without replacing all the decks (i.e. new investigators, new abilities, etc.)?
  5. The game is complete. No new expansions.
  6. The risk of FFG's business model is that many of us (myself included) are holding off on new games until a few expansions are out, given that most of the initial expansions for their games tend to 'complete' the game as opposed to expand it. I have not purchased this because Im waiting for that 1st 'now the game has all the parts' expansion to be published. If too many are doing that, it impacts the profitability of the game and could result in no expansions at all. Tough call, I guess.
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