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  1. I've had some good experiences with Madine keeping a ship alive, for example to slip out of a blockade trying to trap a large base or dodge out of the arc of something scary. If you're first player though, you should already be able to double arc a ship, shoot it, and then leave. Madine doesn't really make that any better so I haven't found much improvement on the shooting side of things. If you're running away from squadrons instead of ships he also doesn't help, and a bunch of rogue squads will ruin your day. If you bring a bunch of your own squads Madine has fewer ships to help out so you may start to wonder if Rieekan wouldn't be better. Rieekan or Agate also allow you to fly more aggressively because removing your ship(s) is a bit harder. If you just want to womp your opponent's ships as fast as possible then Raddus is probably more helpful. Maybe if Madine's token effect was more powerful he would free up your command dials to do something else, but as things are I don't often feel like I get 30 points of use out of him.
  2. The Grysk and the Chiss will hopefully both have a few more ships available after the next Thrawn novel comes out in September. The Grysk also have a history of getting other groups to do their dirty work, so maybe they could have access to other faction ships with some penalty. Given that the clone wars era stuff is on the horizon though, I wouldn't expect any rush to bring in more factions for a while. Plenty of time for more media to come out and add in more ships and interesting characters for other factions.
  3. I guess you could paint it to make it look cooler. 😕 I uploaded the design, maybe someone else can make it look it comes from an imperial shipyard: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4195823
  4. I made a little 3D printed cover to protect all of my victories! I have successfully flow with them and tossed them around in the back of a car with no troubles. I'll upload the design to thingiverse tomorrow if anyone else wants to print out some of their own and keep their plastic spaceships looking awesome.
  5. You guys always meet so late! It's a pretty tough sell on a weeknight!
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