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  1. Well it looks like it will mainly be for RPG then.. but thanks for the input guys.. I have a 3D printer.. I haven't used in a while... I might should start printing some 3D stuff for Legion then.
  2. I am going to have to pick that up that collection.. but it's probably going to have to wait till I get paid again... If I can even then. As much as I would like to get everything.. just don't usually have the money for it. 🙂
  3. I am kind of new here.. mainly play the Star Wars RPG, but thinking of getting into Legion (been reading some about it stuck at home).. and I am not sure if anyone would be interested, but I am looking at some maps on KS for my RPG games, and I am wondering if they would work in Legion? Kind of a 2 birds with one stone thing.
  4. Yeah I hope it makes it too. They look good, and after looking at Chris's site I might have to order some of his also. The hard part is going to be picking which ones.. 🙂 I might have to see if he has an all digital pack.
  5. I looked up Chris's Maps, and they do look great.. That might be something I have to look into also. I am kind of new to this so I don't know a lot of the things currently out there, I don't know Matt personally I just saw it on KS and thought it would fit in our SW group, and maybe others would be interested it.
  6. I hope I am not breaking any rules on here, but I found a KS that might work good for Star Wars. Just thought I would include it here.
  7. Hey I am looking to play some too.. could I get an invite to the Discord server? I tried the link but I think it expired.
  8. Great app I love it, but I tried to use it on a phone, and the dice icons are really small is there anyway to increase the size of them?
  9. I was looking at this KS because they are doing double sided mats and I was looking at Just Sand, Just Snow, and Just Grass to just drop terrain on it, but is 24x36 large enough you think?
  10. Ok some of these look really good.. I will have to try them I always like to find things like this. I am looking at getting some mats also for the ground.. I found some 24x36 but I am trying to figure out if that will be too small it doesn't cover the table but do I want it to.. I am just worried about sprawl
  11. That looks good... you are going to have your own town soon. I am going to look into some of these.
  12. Ok that looks great.. did you print it just the way it looks there? Also where did you get that building at?
  13. Well the best we can do is get what we can and hope they refill them... I hope anyway.
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