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  1. RIP (despite we have no official statement), future development cancelled (despite a new book has been announced), "probably", "guessing"... So many assumptions based on gossips. French staff told that an official announcement should come in some weeks. Before that, that's only rumors and interpretation. The current and proposed topic titles more reflect fears than facts.
  2. I'd like to use this catfight as an opportunity to thank avatar111 for his homerules, his criticism regarding l5r corebook, and his many Answers on various questions raised by newcomers like me. I obviously disagree with him on several points, as I'm not him and vice-versa, but his repliés made me think on various things and that's I'm looking for when reading a forum. His overall contribution is largely positive to my eyes. That being said, to consider that a forum atmosphere can significantly contribute to management décision regarding a complete product line is either a problem of ego... or an opportunistic spit of venom (and again a problem of ego then) There are rumors about potential news coming from the french HQ, hope they will be good...
  3. Thank you for this great review. 29 kata is really significant, good to know they don't seem OP. Could you give more details about those Who relate to iaijutsu? Wondering if they're complementary with the existing ones or if they make them useless now. Are they also rank 2 kata?
  4. Hi all, I’ve a question regarding the use of courtier’s resolve during physical battle, and especially in duels as strife is a major concern to those who want to avoid a finishing blow. Do you allow its use as an action, which requires no dice roll, or do you prevent it as you consider it is not feasible during a battle (the narrative description mentions "challenges in courts") In a more general manner, do you have an approach to define which shuji can be used during mass battles, skirmishes or duels, if not specified in the description : when you read as a (scheme/support) action, do you allow thème in any type of conflict or only on intrigue as social?
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