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  1. Oh, and more speeders please. Particularly military models or ones modified for combat use, such as: Arrow-23 landspeeder Flash speeder Gian speeder Mekuun Repulsor Scout And if there are Ewoks, you have to have Ewok gliders.
  2. So here's a summary of what units have been mentioned most often so far (feel free to double-check my count): Galactic Empire Inquisitors (11 mentions) Probe Droids (7) Grand Admiral Thrawn (4) Purge Troopers (4) Mud Troopers (3) Galactic Republic Clone Commandos (9) Mace Windu (6) Commander Cody (4) Jedi Warriors (4) Ahsoka Tano (3) Rebel Alliance Ghost Crew (10) Lando Calrissian (6) Saw Gerrera/Partisans (6) Ewoks (5) Separatist Alliance Geonosians (7) IG-100 MagnaGuards (7) Crab Droids (6) Asajj Ventress (4) Spider Droid (4) Deathwatch Warriors (3) Dwarf Spider Droid (3) Other Some sort of scum/mercenary units or faction (6) Inquisitors would be a great addition to the Empire. I'd like to see Mud Troopers, as well. Nothing else stands out to me as a must-have. For the Rebels, yes to the Ghost crew, Lando and Saw's Partisans. I don't collect Republic or Separatist factions. But I'm most looking forward to scum and villainy. The Ohnaka gang would be fantastic. You could throw almost anything in here: thugs, pirates, mercenaries, assassins and bounty hunters; WLO-5 speeder tanks and desert skiffs; Weequay, Nikto, Bith, Ishi Tib, the more alien species the better. The Hutt Cartel, Crimson Dawn or the Zann Consortium could work, as well.
  3. By the way, a "forger" is someone who produces a fake and attempts to pass it off as the real thing. So the term doesn't apply to Skull Forge at all — unless they start copying existing Star Wars Legion miniatures and selling them (along with packaging, bases, assembly instructions and cards) as if they were actual FFG products.
  4. Really? Skull Forge is a "forger" because their miniatures are based on Star Wars creations? Then I guess the same goes for every online seller that offers terrain based on set designs for Tatooine, Hoth, Jedha, etc. That would include Corvus Games, Gale Force 9, Imperial Terrain, Legion Terrain, Tosche Station Terrain and literally dozens of others. https://corvusgamesterrain.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=desert* https://www.flamesofwar.com/gf9online_store.aspx?CategoryID=13738 https://imperialterrain.com/collections/sci-fi-rpg-tabletop-terrain/desert-theme https://www.legionterrain.com/search?q=desert https://www.etsy.com/shop/ToscheStationTerrain?ref=cart_shop_name_click&cart_id=2838435223&search_query=jedha None of these are officially licensed. But they all add to the Star Wars Legion play experience, making the game richer and drawing in new players. In fact, FFG has actually promoted companies like this — for instance, using Tatooine buildings from Imperial Terrain and others at conventions. Alternate miniatures are the same. If FFG or Disney thought any of these efforts were hurting sales or profits in the least, rather than helping them, they'd bring down the legal hammer.
  5. If you're interested, both Skull Forge and Buckethead Bits offer a range of Imperial Navy trooper models on Shapeways. Nice figures. I prefer the Skull Forge sculpts. (You'll find one example in the first link below.) The ones from Buckethead (second link) are a bit too blocky for me and the weapons are oversized IMO. https://www.shapeways.com/product/MBEUD2UJY/authority-naval-trooper?optionId=109445874&li=shops https://www.shapeways.com/product/AHH6EF663/ship-trooper-a2?optionId=96876008&li=shops
  6. Star Wars uses the "broken hyperdrive" all the time. Agree that you should try to avoid overusing it. But there also can be a lot of different ways to use the same basic idea — or to get around it: 1) the ship is unreliable (because it's either old or has been heavily modified and therefore more temperamental and prone to breakdown at inconvenient times) 2) the ship is damaged during the escape (adding difficulty to the pilot skill in making a rushed takeoff and possibly colliding with a crane or other maintenance equipment while flying out of the hanger) 2) the ship is pursued and damaged in battle (other systems besides the hyperdrive could be disabled or otherwise inoperable — something with the controls, engines or power generation, for instance — that make hyperspace travel impossible) 3) the ship is sabotaged (by a spy or other enemy) 4) or even if the ship can escape to hyperspace, maybe it's outfitted with a tracer
  7. The PCs could get word from other prisoners of a breakout attempt — and have to work together with individuals who aren't exactly skilled at being cooperative. Lots of opportunities for social roleplaying, discussing different ideas, arguing about the plan, knowing who to trust, etc. After the breakout, maybe the PCs get separated in the confusion. One or more of them are shackled to other prisoners (more opportunity for conflict and roleplaying). Maybe all the PCs get out except one. Then what? Chaos can be your best friend, creating scenes filled with drama and excitement. You might want to roughly outline some possibilities and ideas, maybe even plant a seed or two, then see which way the party goes.
  8. Lords of Nal Hutta is my favorite "era" book. It really helps bring Hutt Space to life. I'd love to see another criminal faction or organization get the same treatment: Crimson Dawn, Black Sun, Crymorah, the Pyke Syndicate, et cetera. (Or all of them, actually.) How did the organization get its start? Who are the most important figures? What are their goals and motivations? Where do they have a presence within the galaxy? Are they expanding or in decline? What's life like within the organization and for those around them? What activities do they focus on? Who are their main rivals? How do they interact/conflict with the Empire and other criminal factions? Think about what makes the Five Families, Sinaloa Cartel or Yakuza unique and compelling. Detailing similar organizations from the Star Wars universe could help create countless interesting campaigns.
  9. Already, different actors have played Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in different films. No big deal IMO.
  10. To draw a real-world corollary, consider the many elite special forces units in the United States military: Navy SEALs/SEAL Team 6 Army Rangers Army Green Berets Delta Force Marine Force Recon/Division Recon That's only a partial list, of course. They undergo similar training and have similar capabilities. But each is distinct.
  11. Please stop. Purple type on a black background is just plain hard to read, for no good reason. About the only thing worse is if you used all caps.
  12. This is probably reading way too much into it, but he doesn't directly answer either question. He doesn't say "The RPG division at FFG is not shutting down" or "The L5R RPG will continue." Even if FFG is shutting down its RPG division, "RPGs will continue." Just without any contributions or support from FFG.
  13. None of the following numbers are definitive. However... Star Wars: The Essential Atlas states there are 50 million inhabited systems and 100 quadrillion sentients across the galaxy. Another source suggests there were about 10,000 Jedi at the time of Order 66. In other words, the galaxy is a really, really big place. Only a relative few would have any interaction with the Jedi -- an ascetic religious order of protectors that most often worked behind the scenes and played little if any public role. Even before the fall of the Republic, Jedi were likely regarded as mysterious or even legendary by many.
  14. Not to get into politics, but the United States is neither an empire nor an authoritarian dictatorship. An empire is an extensive group of states or countries ruled by a single supreme authority, especially an emperor or empress. The Alexandrian Empire was created during the unprecedented military campaign of Alexander the Great. The Roman Empire was born when Julius Caesar was named Dictator perpetuo -- "dictator in perpetuity," or dictator for life. In the United States, power is divided between the executive (president), legislative (Congress) and judicial (Supreme Court) branches of government. And rules for the transition of power are set out in the Constitution, rather than being determined by force.
  15. I do think lizardfolk make an acceptable stand-in for Trandoshans. Here's a merc or bounty hounter:
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