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  1. sorry thought you meant the J-type diplomatic barge forgot to check which one you meant
  2. i would put my money on the corvettes in armada so -Consular -Hardcell and FTS Gecko the j-type is the wrong demensions being wide than it is long
  3. I was thinking this would be a good addition to republic. straight from episode 1 (not my image) I was wondering what the stats should be? some thing like the CR- 90 ?
  4. very true core would be fore damage deck asteroids dice and movement templates
  5. painting wise the astromech placement does not affect the symmetrical paint jobs
  6. you could go with blue squadron mostly xx-wings some u-wings but most died at scarif
  7. bid then all of them are equal therefore none is targeted first
  8. hey why does this just sound like all the ships you wnt the empire to add but are unrealstic i mean just call it : Cool Ships and Pilots That should be add to the empire or rebels Edit: The new republic is just slighty better resitance
  9. please i makes it much easyer to close and look at list
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