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    Wedge Antilles eats Etas for breakfast, leave your generic T-65s on the shelf
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    Many people are crying with very few games and data in hand... This ship is far from being super competitive, start crying for the nerf immediately seems typical of those who have not understood much of this game.
  3. If a faq will not come out you will be able to get rid of the deplete next round after any maneuver that place yourself into range 1.
  4. If u use ur action for R5 u are unable to focus or evade or repositioning... R5 seems decent to me but less powerful than R5 on high initiative Deltas that can boost away and than recover a shield
  5. 40 - 45 pts range for generals, Yoda and Shaak? 45 - 50 pts range for Aayla and Obi? 50 - 55 pts range for Anakin?
  6. Yes. The card doesn’t read: at the end of your activation phase. The player activates Obi, takes deplete, reveals dial, executes maneuver and so on
  7. That’s incorrect. 1 activate a ship 2 reveal dial 3 execute maneuver 3 perform action. You can activate, do R2D2 things and then blue
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