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  1. If a faq will not come out you will be able to get rid of the deplete next round after any maneuver that place yourself into range 1.
  2. If u use ur action for R5 u are unable to focus or evade or repositioning... R5 seems decent to me but less powerful than R5 on high initiative Deltas that can boost away and than recover a shield
  3. 40 - 45 pts range for generals, Yoda and Shaak? 45 - 50 pts range for Aayla and Obi? 50 - 55 pts range for Anakin?
  4. Yes. The card doesn’t read: at the end of your activation phase. The player activates Obi, takes deplete, reveals dial, executes maneuver and so on
  5. That’s incorrect. 1 activate a ship 2 reveal dial 3 execute maneuver 3 perform action. You can activate, do R2D2 things and then blue
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