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    I'm a new player

    As the title states, I'm a new player, only played 6 games in fact. 3 of those games were in a tournament at the local store. Finished 2nd (only 6 players). I've played other table top miniature games, and i tend to be fairly competitive (win more then I lose) Today's changes, Remember I'm a new player, but this is a mess. I bought, starter set, and a bunch of tie fighters. A friend suggested the best way to learn how to maneuver would be to use a tie swarm. So that's what I've been doing. But now, in an effort, to embrace new players in the hyperspace game mode (why 2 modes, just silly) some tie fighter pilots, talents are no longer allowed. That makes absolutely no sense. Removing a pilot or talent in no way makes the game more or less attractive to no players. If anything it upsets the new player (me) because now I have to buy new things, learn new ships/pilots/talents. Point adjustments happen in all games, but this is so much more. A simple tie swarm if played correctly was competitive. But now I have no clue which direction to go in. A disappointing day.
  2. So with all the changes today, what the newest/bestest Tie Swarm lists for both game formats??
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