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  1. Noted. After looking at all the upgrades I considered how 200v200 might still be really unbalanced especially with a combo like Turbolasers + Targeting Battery able to wipe a ship in one round, not to mention the shield regen. I'll probably let my guys know and we'll do a 2v2 of some sort, 400v400, which we do sometimes for laughs anyway. Might put that fight on a 3x4' board just to add some breathing room.
  2. Oh yeah, we're good friends and they'd have a laugh for sure This would be the first Huge ship any of us have had on our tables, so this would be everyone's opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of a complex huge ship without having to worry about playing a handful of other ships at the same time. And I always bring a second squad, especially if someone else wants to fly the Tantive Good to know about the transport. That's another reason I want to put this on the table; just to see how it stands up and if it actually is broken one way or another. Thank you everyone for the detailed replies! Definitely got my question answered.
  3. I'm wondering if it's legal to play a lone huge ship (read: CR90 with upgrades) in a regular 200-point game. My question comes from a conflict between the Huge Ship Rulebook and YASB 2.0. On page 3 the rulebook says to follow the same setup and round structure as a regular game, implying a lone CR90 is OK. However YASB 2.0 states you need at least 2 ships for a tournament-legal squad, and you can't even put a huge ship in a squad unless you're building for Epic play. So I'm guessing the rulebook has been overridden by a FAQ or something, but I can't find that change. Could someone point me to it so I can get my head on straight with the ruling? ps. not planning to show up at a tournament with only my Tantive; just want to surprise some friends in casual play and want it to be above board when I do it
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