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  1. So Anakin loses a whole turn when his flaw card is played on him. Interesting, and neat that he can equip all force powers, he certainly looks like he would be the most powerful force user in the game if you managed to play all his command cards, I think I'd priorities his 2 pip first, and his 1 pip if I was focusing just on the keywords he gets. The new upgrades are all awesome, Luke is going to love Offensive/Defensive stance, and that force barrier is good as well, though I'm not sure who on the current line up I'd use it on, maybe on Anakin to help preserve clone lives, it seems sort of pointless on Obi Wan since he already has Guardian, but I guess these are free cancels on top of his Guardian with no risk to himself either, I just feel the fact he has a more consistent version already makes me want to pass this card up on him. The card art is Vader and I can see that being useful I suppose but not sure what on the Empire side I'm playing with Vader that I'd want to preserve. If we can get some cheap Imperial Force users (looking at you Inquisitors) maybe they'd go well with Palpatine to help keep his damage low.
  2. Or maybe a limit to how many tokens a Clone can share in a round. So it could be you can use 1 token from another unit per unit per round, so you have to be picky about what you use. We'll have to see, but I got the sense it wasn't the mechanic he disliked, it was how players were using it, he wants the Clone to play more aggressive instead of castling up every game. If they hit the clones too hard all they are going to do is make all the top players switch over to CIS anyway.
  3. I've thought about sub factions and I'm not sure if things like Gungans or Geonosians would be sub factions or just unit options within the GAR/CIS respectively, like how the Rebels have multiple units pulled from different cells into the wider army. I wonder if subfactions would be a way to run models you already have in a different way. Such as with the GAR giving each Clone Legion its own unique rule set, so you can run basic Phase 1 or 2 Clones, or pay more to have 501st or 212th Clones, but that just adds onto the unit card and models you already own. They could release codex for the army types then, this would be easy to do in some armies but a bit harder in others, I think GAR and Rebels lean more heavily into this kind of thing than the largely ubiquitous Empire and CIS armies.
  4. He could do a lot with poison tokens, maybe even have a Command Card that lets him spread it for a turn, if a trooper is within X range of another trooper with a poison token when it activates, it gains a poison token. Of course droids would still be immune to poison, so it would be useless against other CIS lists but it would probably ruin Clone Balls.
  5. You'd see no Strike Teams on Empire and Rebels, but the CIS and GAR would be laughing all the way to the bank because their equivalent in the ARCS and BXs are arguably better in the full squad, and they still get to have the cheap Strike Team detachment. Maybe if they made it a detachment to any special forces slot, so if you are taking DTs or ISF you can take 1 Scout Strike Team that might balance out with GAR and CIS.
  6. Given how slow their releases are I don't think we'll get that. In games like this to keep it fresh you need to keep producing new product and even though they are older factions you can't leave Rebel and Empire players high and dry for a year to catch up the new factions. It also isn't as necessary because there was a lot of playing and and experimenting in the Rebel/Empire lists early on, to figure out what worked and what didn't, so certain units are right offs that will be hard to recover, so while GAR and CIS only have 2 Core options, both of those options are way more viable and solid than what Empire and Rebels have to offer. ARCs and BX Commandos are a good example, while Scouts and Rebel Commandos will likely never see a full squad, the new factions special forces will. Which means there is less need for them to get out a Clan Wren/Inferno Squad equivalent, especially when you look at ARCs and see that they are basically a mash up of Scout Troopers and Imperial Special Forces, even getting the two unique characters to put in core/SF units.
  7. I'd be happy with larger scale units, like the Spider Droid or AT-TE as long as they are done as fun options but not intended to be competitive units. Mostly because of the boards, and from being selfish as a Rebel Player. If they have to make it so that every tournament legal board allows for these models to manoeuvre, something units like the AAT and Saber already struggle with, they are going to need to reduce the amount of larger LOS blocking pieces on those boards. Which means the 3 Core Unit Rebel tax will literally become just that. You take 3 naked Rebel Units because you have to, not because you expect them to actually be able to do anything, they already are by far the worst core in the game when you compare saves vs unit HP, it is very easy to delete a full Rebel squad off the board with minimal investment, if they now can't hide because the boards are big and open to allow for bigger pieces, then Rebels players will have just take the 3 naked troopers as a tax and leave it at that, spend the rest of your points on things that have a chance of living. As for things I'd like to see. Well I think every faction should get some kind of Mando unit, not direct rip offs of Clan Wren, but some variation on it, like CIS gets Death Watch, GAR gets Night Owls and Empire gets Imperial Super Commandos. Characters I'd like to see. GAR - Yoda, we have to get him at some point, it'll be interesting to see what they do with him, I have a few idea in my head of how I think he'd work but he'll be costly. CIS - Savage and probably Trench are top of my list, because I'd just like to see how they work, and their modeling options - Cyborg Trench or normal Trench? only requires a different head and different left arm options. Savage, will he come with his Pike by default and the Double Bladed Lightsaber is an upgrade option, and you get the option to model both? Empire - Thrawn, is the top of my want for them, a Support Commander that does a lot for your army but is more costly than a Krennic or Iden, without stepping into Force User prices. Rebels - I'd like to see new versions of Han and Leia, possibly as Operatives, maybe using the classic Princess of Alderaan look for an Operative Leia model, give her secret mission as well. Han is harder, but we need a version of him that can actually deal out some damage, his gun slinger at range 2 will always kill off at least 2 units usually, but it is far too limiting in its application when compared to what other characters can deal out now, Han is a big victim of the early releases being weaker compared to similar units coming out now. Maybe Operative Han is classic Episode IV Smuggler Han, and he has the option to take a recovered E-11 Blaster to increase his range.
  8. Skirmish rarely ends in any condition other than elimination anyway, so I'm not so sure they'd need to flesh out other objectives for it.
  9. Thanks, I like the idea because the follow up CW faction packs could be a collection of known Jedi who aren't quite as powerful. Your Luminara, Shaak Ti, Baris, Eeth Koth etc.... Harder to do for the CIS though, but they might be able to do maybe a bounty hunter pack, with some of the bounty hunters from the CW era.
  10. If I were to go off what was given as hints and just go full wish list these are the two I'd want. Rebels - Phoenix Squadron - It comes with Kanan, Hera, Erza, Zeb and Chopper. You have the option to run them in 3 ways. 1. A 3 man Special Forces Squad, that uses upgrade card versions of the characters, and you select which one is the unit leader or have some kind of rank system so the highest ranking character of the squad is default the leader when run this way. They even throw in a Sabine Wren upgrade card so she can retroactively be used this way as well. 2. Operatives/Commanders. Similar to the Rebel/Imperial Officer, they come with the upgrade card version of them, as well as a full unit card for each character. So you can run them as more powerful versions of themselves as either Operatives or Commanders, probably only Hera getting the Commander choice. 3. Upgrades in regular Rebel Troopers as Heavy Weapons with the Leader keyword. You can use every member of the squad, including Sabine as just a regular upgrade to a normal Trooper Squad, a possible way to get them all on the table. Empire - Imperial Inquisitors - It comes with 5 named Inquisitors, the main ones in this set being The Grand Inquisitor and The Seventh Sister. They also come with three options to run them like Phoenix, and come as upgrades or full units for each Inquisitor, the Grand Inquisitor probably being the only one who can be taken as a Commander. Do I think this is what it is, or that if they did these units they'd do it in this way? **** no, but its fun to think about. However they'd get far more mileage out of releasing the Phoenix members 1 by 1 with an Imperial Counterpart, but if they did that and they were all Operatives/Commanders it would be impossible to field the whole squad.
  11. Mandalorian Resistance is just a three man unit too - See so you can run both units fully upgraded with just the 7 miniatures in the expansion.
  12. The main reason to only take one Pathfinder is because of the role they play on the battle field. Like in Rogue One they are harassers. They are hard to take off the board once they get a good position and with the A-300 they can effect a large part of the battlefield, going from long range config, to their regular blaster, to short range config, as things advance on their tightly held postion. While your opponent spends turn after turn focusing on a unit that just doesn't go down, or sending a close range unit on a long march towards them, getting shot the whole time, the rest of your army is free to actually do the objective, and start picking away at your opponents activations. When you add in a second unit, you aren't gaining a whole lot more from them, but you are losing a big chunk of your armies points that could be used to get some more activation out there, capturing/holding objectives, or another special forces unit that has more punch behind their attacks.
  13. Just remember you can't dodge crits and they go through cover completely as well, and Cassian has Marksmen. Maybe consider taking the A-300 on your Path Finders if dice variance is messing with you that badly, at short range your paths will get red dice. White dice in Rebel lists work off of the Z-6 principle, throw enough dice that you get something through, that is repeated on Fleets and Pathfinders base gun. Now that has the downside of you will blow out your roll sometimes and get nothing, but also there is the potential to get a lot of hits. This problem is made worse in Skirmish, in a full 800 point game there is more time for Dice odds to even out over the battle, so if you do wiff it the first few rounds, you might get a few really good rolls by turn 5 or 6. So maybe if you are having trouble with your dice in shorter games, go for more consistent units with better attack die, like the basic rebel troopers with their black attack die.
  14. Just take a quick look around at some of the other topics, and you'll see the complaints about GAR, it has gotten to the point we've sort of heard it all and the same voices are on repeat now.
  15. With Clan Wren you have the option to run two units out of the box, fully upgraded. The Clan Wren Unit and the Mandalorian Resistance Unit with the Beskad Duelist. If you wanted to run two Mandalorian Resistance units with perhaps Ursa and Tristan as their Heavy Weapons, then you'd need two boxes but you have a few models left over. With ISF it is a bit different. You can technically run 3 or 2 units out of that box. The 3 would be, a full ISF unit with the T-21 Special Forces Trooper, and Gideon and Del as upgrades in your Corp Units. The 2 would be Inferno squad, and a naked ISF unit, building the T-21 Trooper as just a regular trooper. Both of those setups use every model in the expansion. So if you want to run two ISF with Gideon and Del as their upgrades, you need two boxes, you'd also technically need two just to get 1 extra trooper if you want to run Inferno Squad and ISF fully upgraded. With ARCs and Droid Commandos there are a lot more things you can do, the limit there is the cardboard, you only get 1 full unit card and 1 strike team card, so even though there is a lot of potential to run strike teams, in theory you can run 3 out of 1 ARC Box, you don't have the unit cards for them.
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