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  1. A scale vulture droid is actually pretty large. I think Cody might be possible with the new expansion. You can't tell if the commander has his style of jetpack or not. You would have to mod in his floodlights though on the helmet. It only has the visor. I want some artillery for CIS and GAR. Hailfire droids for CIS, among the others that have been listed already. Magnaguards, buzzdroids, sniper variant droidekas, aquadroids would be fun, octuparra droids (either the small version or the large one). I want a scale AT-TE for GAR. I have a printed one, but an actual model would be nice. I would absolutely hate it if they released it at a skewed scale though. Same for a gunship, even if it's just terrain. I really want arf troopers to be released in some form so I don't have to buy 7 AT-RT's just to get a squad's worth of helmets. Airborne troopers would be a dream, along with the other specialist helmet designs Kashyyyk/bacara/galactic marines. Cold weather troopers would be nice. They could make the connection that the Galactic marines are just using phase 2 armor of the phase 1 cold weather armor we have in the clone wars. This would work well for the geonosian flame troopers. Clones should get an e-web variant that we see in the show as well.
  2. Hard plastic sprues are superior to soft plastic in almost every way. Sprues are only really detrimental when an "action pose" such as a twisting jump physically prevents posing in other ways. Soft plastic has a tendency to warp. Ffg said 2 part b1 heads were specifically a casting solution. They don't make things many pieces for no reason. So, imagine b1 heads but because they're so small, the plastic can be warped in any way. Or any droid arm or leg that would look like a noodle. Mold lines on soft plastic have a tendency to roughen instead of scrape smoothly. Hard plastic has a multitude of extra parts. It works with plastic glue which is vastly more forgiving than superglue. The fit on soft plastic is more sloppy. Try to switch extra arms on p1 clones and you'll find a lot of them don't actually fit or leave large gaps. For hard plastic I prefer limbs that attach flatly than with pegs like old space marines because a torso angle won't throw you off. Still, you're free to cut pegs a lot of the time. And, sprues are a useful bonus for hobbying. They can make rubble or beams, walls, act as test strips for effects and paints, and other creative ideas.
  3. You're not understanding. What evo454 called Riot troopers was referring to shielded clones in the Ringo Vinda episode. These clones would be defensive as he says and were an actual combat unit as opposed to the named Riot troopers. Actual riot troopers don't have anything to do with what he's talking about. Moving on. Natives wouldn't represent some kind of auxiliary that went on campaigns, they would represent allies of opportunity via whatever lore reason the players decided on for their game. E.g. fighting on naboo? Take a gungan detachment to help you, for flavor (they fought grievous). Fighting on Kashyyyk? Take some wookies. Hire some hunters? Take some trandoshans. Invading Geonosis? Geonosians. Want to have a game on Endor? Bring some ewoks. Etc. Natives that are taken as detachments will make more game sense and have more utility than trying to make some kind of scum and villainy faction. It lets ffg make more fun units without people carting around whole armies of gungans or restricting the flavorful units to only weequay pirates. As long as detachments were limited in number and in faction alignment (good/evil), faction identity isn't in any danger. And it would make more thematic sense for 90% of units rather than including a minor native unit as an actual part of a faction roster, i.e. giving GAR a wookie unit. Gungans are just as capable of being rebels as any other species. You can't bring up Palpatine's canon actions and waive them but then say just because some Trandoshans haven't had the opportunity to feature in a comic or book that they are disqualified. The whole point of native/mercenary detachments is to give FFG and players the opportunity to make models of and take lesser known aliens and groups of the star wars universe without requiring the development of an entirely new faction which wouldn't be cohesive at all. Balance can be preserved by the proper restriction of keywords.
  4. Riot Troopers from Ringo Vinda are when Tup shoots the jedi. I don't think that's what they're named actually but w/e Edit: Ok so there are riot troopers on coruscant which is what you were thinking, still the shields have been used in combat. They don't have anything to do with policing, they just have shields that block blasters. Tbh wookies make even less sense in GAR. They've never served as auxiliaries, only as militia when defending Kashyyyk. Really FFG just needs to release detachments of natives. They get to make the fun units like gungans, wookies, trandoshans, etc., and depending on the "good" or "evil" faction they can be taken accordingly.
  5. The halo point is good. I did some digging on te wiki and couldn't really find a shield reference that wasn't from the game. Otherwise it just said katarn armor was resistant. I don't think the traviss books had shields, just super resistant. As for modern cannon I don't think commandos have been in any books have they? Maybe a gregor comic? Personally I hope they avoid the bad batch. The characters are too caricature-ey for me. Their bodies are different too and I'd rather any sculpts not get used up on them as options vs having more normal options. You can only have 1 group of them and then any extra minis become useless. I don't care about shields specifically but they should have pretty absorbative armor vs standard. I imagine they might mirror release magnaguards. If so, making the commandos capable in melee (call it cqc training or something) and better in ranged vs magnas as capable in ranged and better in melee might work. Some kind of swat influence would be good too.
  6. Though TCW is our current cannon, it's not really hyper realistic as far as details go e.g. commando droid vibroswords just smack clones, no one is getting cut like they should be, lack of graphic injuries most of the time, animation budget reducing ship counts in battles etc. So, whether or not they have deflector shields in their armor is a detail I doubt the crunch of finishing the last season was very concerned about. Besides, Disney has been content to let studios like Dice determine what some new cannon details are (new clone divisions, battlefields), so I don't think it would be a problem for FFG to re-flesh out commandos with shields or resistant armor again.
  7. @Caimheul1313 I have a very low grasp of the rules (haven't played yet, just building models atm) so this might be a dumb idea, but why not give BARCs/all speeder bikes dodge? The whole idea of a speeder bike is that it's hard to hit and moves fast.
  8. They do have the punch blades so maybe a better melee attack? What if each clone could be attached to their own unit or work separately in addition to the squad? I think the main thematic difference between ARCs and commandos is that commandos are supposed to be hard to shift, as well as having much more specialized roles. Unfortunately new cannon on commandos is sparse, but everyone in the Bad Batch has their own talent, same in old Delta squad. Both ARCs and commandos have a high degree of autonomy, but only ARCs are attached to larger bodies of troops in leadership roles. I think commandos are the kinds of units that you're supposed to drop off in the bush somewhere and expect them to make things happen on their own. Here's another idea, what about something to do with healing or reviving. Both game appearances feature this. Something that lets you pick up a downed squad member or apply bacta to heal a wound. Or you could use the new repulse ability from battlefront to push units.
  9. Maybe we could cut out the fighting? The thread is about BARC speeders, not GAR corps units being overpowered or not. From my memory the only major times we see BARC's or their analogues is the time Rex gets sniped, the episode fighting the talz (I believe they're actually swoops then but same difference), and the end of ROTS. They aren't really used in combat much. AT-RT's are used against tanks and infantry multiple times. Maybe BARC's could have more of a focus on mobility than they currently do.
  10. The CIS directly used the gutkurrs in the Ryloth arc. They could get zombified geonosians too. Sniper droidekas could be an emplacement as well. I think Gundarks would be a good neutral threat/objective.
  11. There are a few options for much larger Republic ships, most are barely mentioned in canon (like a sentence) or are legends but could be reintroduced. Mandator-class Dreadnaught Praetor Battlecruiser Maelstrom Battlecruiser
  12. I think you should put a rocky bluff/mesa in each corner so there's some opportunity to have varying elevation.
  13. I can't quite tell from the angle, but would the airlock cannons blow off the hammerhead? If not then there would probably be some scorching. I would maybe reposition one or the other a bit. Just a thought.
  14. Nice dude! I can see loads of improvements, especially in the engines.
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