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  1. I like what I've seen of Anakin so far. He won't buff the army as much of obi-wan but that's fitting since the majority of his battle plans in the clone wars are variations on "follow me!"
  2. Much appreciated, but I noticed the link to Anakin's one pip command card isn't working.
  3. I can deal with cumbersome, I'd rather see exhaust go away. Good interview, but I really wish someone would ask one of the designers if the spamming of strike teams is what they intended or if they plan to do something about it.
  4. Or how about changing it to any unit with suppression can't use standby tokens. Very easy to track if your unit is suppressed or not.
  5. You do understand that not everyone is a master level painter? His terrain looks really good, and while some of his opponents aren't the best painters, they are fielding fully painted armies.
  6. I always clip the round part off and drill the hole a little bigger to fit and it works great for 40k models. Haven't had to try it with legion yet, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't work.
  7. @Lochlan you're right, i didn't even pay attention to that. Still a really impressive photoshop creation.
  8. Impressive, if it turns out to be fake then whomever made it did a really good job.
  9. Personally I'm not a fan of the imperial inquisators, I really don't like the goofy spinning lightsabers. I'd really like to see the imperials get a generic stormtrooper commander, but I know that's not very likely.
  10. I can tell you that it's a great combination. Veers is my go to imperial commander so he's the first one I tried with Iden when she came out. If you're hurting for points a generic officer with elictrobinoculars is also a good choice.
  11. I have and they are at least usable in skermish. They still suffer from the fact that tauntauns exist and can do what they can better for far less points.
  12. Yeah, the only way I could see it would be if ffg made some new missile launcher upgrade for it that bolted to the bed of the tank. Its not impossible, they have been allowed to create things before, just highly unlikely.
  13. I use my occupier all the time and I've never had problems taking out other vehicles, in fact my occupier has consistently out preformed my death troopers against all types of targets. Not every saber brings anti tank rockets, mine almost always uses tlt as its only upgrade to keep the cost down. I'm trying to learn to use the at-st as i do have a hard time justifying taking it over my occupier so I wouldn't object to both vehicles getting a buff.
  14. And that's a bad thing? As currently written being blue player is a huge advantage just because your list is one point less than your opponents. I've been thinking a little more about this and what if we changed how the battle decks were built. Starting with blue player each player alternates picking one card for each category until there are 4 of each, then proceed as per the current rules. This way blue player dosen't have as much control over how the game is played, and maby we can move away from the high activation count meta that there is now.
  15. If Disney creates a show that does to the sequal trilogy what TCW did for the prequels then maby those factions will show up in legion. I don't see that happening for several years at least. In the meantime ffg would be stupid not to put in a scum faction, especially with how popular the Mandalorian is.
  16. So there would be six cards in each category instead of the four we have now? What happens if the deck ends up with duplicates in one or more categories because of this? I like this idea, it just needs a little more refinement.
  17. I'm highly doubtful that sequal factions will come to legion. Since the release of episode 9, Disney has been backing away from the sequal trilogy. No new material, all their star wars releases have focused on the new era or mandalorian. Given how popular the mandalorian is, especially compaired to the sequal trilogy, I'd bet on scum being approved for legion, not sequal trilogy factions.
  18. I belive ISD's and Venator star destroyers are also capable of landing ground troops.
  19. As you said strike teams are not the only units spamed for activation control. They are the most visible, and I do think they need to be adjusted. You're correct that core units should also be looked at this, but I'd go about it a different way. I'd like to see a couple of changes to the mandatory core units. I'd make it mandatory for those units to take a heavy weapon, and I'd ban emplacement troopers from being one of the three mandatory core choices. That combined with some kind of nerf to strike teams would help reduce activation spam.
  20. I'd be in favor of your first and third options. Not sure about just a points increase. I don't think they need to be completely removed from the game, just adjusted so they can't be spammed.
  21. When I was putting mine together the instructions said that there were two back mounted sword options for part d, but my set only had one. I don't see any option that had beoken off on the sprues, so is that a misprint on the instructions?
  22. I've used the occupier a lot and my experience has been that it's not as easy to destroy as it looks. Yes it does have two big weak points, but they only give impact 1 and the occupier still has red defense dice. The only time it becomes really problematic is if a unit with a lot of impact gets into the side arcs, and if that happens its usually because I positioned the occupier poorly. If my opponent wants to shoot at the occupier instead of my troopers thats fine with me. For that matter the saber has even bigger weak point arcs and no one is arguing that it is bad.
  23. I agree with everything here except the occupier. Mine consistently out preforms my death troopers. I've also had it duel an at-st before and win so I'm not convinced it lacks anti armor. I wouldn't object if ffg wanted to give it and the at-st a small points decrease but I don't think its as important as buffing other units.
  24. How do you spam unique units? I'll grant you that they are good and commonly taken in lists, but that is different than spam.
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