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  1. We don't know that for certain. The cards are blocked out on that side
  2. I agree. But chances are, you're most likely gonna fill a list with 6x corps already. My reasoning for saying the Age of the Sniper being over is, of course, wishful thinking mostly. But looking at the mobility of coming units--B2s getting in your face, BX squads kitted with shields (which block Pierce) and swords, ARCs and BXs being Scout X units with high personal mobility and Impervious, and the rising prevalence of Armor, I think history will prove me right.
  3. Very much looking forward to that. I played a Op Vader/Palp with Esteemed/2x storms the other day, and while I was playing a new player, I felt I could really put a hurting on with just 4 activations. The Age of the Sniper is over
  4. Still need a commander though. Grievous? That would put you at 300pts, no upgrades, with about 80pts in to a BX squad. That gives you some room for corp units, and 5 activations aint bad in Skirmish (heck, 4 activations aint bad either). I think the Exemplar keyword on Padme with their tank will be a big hit, in that standby tokens can be shared with ANY unit. Though it does leave you short handed in corps if we're still talking Skirmish. (200 for the tank, 90 + 90 for Rex and Padme, 120 for corps)
  5. It was a Skirmish game, and I felt Aggressive Tactics was a better call. But next game, I think I might try that.
  6. Same. Had Dooku out in the open once and took 5 hits from a luck Z-6 roll. Had to use melee engagement as a shield
  7. Ahh gotcha. The way I read it, I thought it was something specific to P2s. Thanks!
  8. Does Integrate Comms Antenna do anything other than increase the command bubble for them to Range 4? Seems lame
  9. I feel like the issue is more with the ability to get orders consistently, which stems from the mortar's ability to move orders from Comm Relay. A fix could be "Coordination orders don't issue orders" or something
  10. Exactly, making the mortar's Suppressive keyword that much better in Fire Support
  11. Sorry, I meant that using Fire Support can be good work around repeat offenders like Nimble and cover, because you only have to deal with one instance of dodge tokens and cover saves because it's one attack
  12. Clones excel at posting up and combining pools to delete units. Mix a squad with a mortar and a Z-6 in Fire Support, and you can get the the benefit of shooting twice at a unit (Suppressive), while getting to avoid pesky Nimble and cover.
  13. Phase II clones should be considered multi-factional as well
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