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  1. In my searching for Suppressed Memories, I have done exactly this. I think I may have signed up for close to 20 different stores worldwide (both local and online). The only brick and mortar store I found to have 2 in stock was Fodder Cannon Games, in North Carolina... sadly they went out of business months ago - yet their site is still up. The email I sent them was bounced back undeliverable, this is how I found out. I'll see what I can dig up in Vegas. I have some friends in Texas and Arizona that are looking in their areas as well. There are a few listings NOW on Ebay, but the cheapest is roughly 200 dollars American. if I didn't have kids and bills, I would plunk my money into that option. Italian or German still looking like the best option right now.
  2. I was able to score a copy of 2nd Ed. MoM on a Amazon Black Friday sale, and later found a copy of the 1st Ed. on eBay. Since then, I have collected Streets of Arkham, Sanctum of Twilight, Beyond the Threshold and Horrific Journeys. I look to pick up Path of the Serpent in time. I have been searching for "Suppressed Memories" for weeks now. Why is this one so hard to find? I contacted Asmodee, and even they said they have no plans to reprint or re-release Suppressed Memories, and I wonder why? In the past days, I did see two listings on eBay for it, one was at 175 USD the other 450 USD, and now both are gone. This is very frustrating.
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