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  1. Similarly, are the agenda sets chosen by the Imperial player revealed to the Rebel players?
  2. Does the Imperial player have knowledge of which green side missions are taken? Red: everyone knows due to hero choice Grey: dealt face down and not shown to any players Green: Rebels pick, does Imperial player know?
  3. The lines in the Hutt deck is just confusing overall. Wanted: Dead, Vendetta, Scouted are obviously separate things happening when separated by lines Salvage Motivation, Cheap Shot, Nowhere to Run seems to be additional conditions according to the first part (they don't have an additional "During an Imperial figure's activation" or "While attacking") Guild Hunters seems separate too?
  4. Which of the following is correct? Every time you exhaust this card, if hero is strained 3 and attacker is Mercenary, +2 instead of +1 If the attacker is Mercenary, +1 to attack results (no hero strain condition). If not a Mercenary and hero is strained 3, you can exhaust to +1 I'm guessing it's #1 but the way this card is done (the line between the 2 parts, the "additional" wording) makes me unsure.
  5. If the Imperial Player has 4 agenda cards on hand already, can he purchase Death Mark and put it into play immediately without having to discard an existing agenda card? Or if Death Mark is in play, can the Imperial Player have 4 other agenda cards? Some relevant rules: Death mark is neither in "their hand" or "their play area". When purchasing an Agenda card, it was never specified whether the cards goes to the hand before coming into effect. Components doesn't seem to have any relation to hand or play area as well. I'm assuming that Death Mark effectively allows you to have 5 Agenda cards instead of 4?
  6. Thanks... So focused and hidden can be used multiple times with Close Quarters... interesting 🤔
  7. I'm looking into what Close Quarter's timing means for Verena if she's focused. The following is my interpretation, please point out whether I have made any mistakes in timings: Verena declares an attack on an adjacent target while being Focused Green dice added due to Focused condition Roll dice, etc Calculate damage, target is defeated (Still in step 7 of attack) Verena interrupts with Close Quarters (before attack is resolved), declares attack on another target (is still Focused) Green dice is added due to being Focused (!?) Close Quarters attack resolved Focused condition is discarded Original attack is finally resolved
  8. Going through all the agenda decks to look for strong or fun synergies (aside the super obvious ones) with the non-reward agenda cards. Here are some of my favorites Devious Droids - Missile Salvo I feel that this is a really powerful card for 1 influence and is really easy magnify a figure's innate abilities. In comparison, a lot of 1 influence cards are around 3 damage worth. Some strong figures for this: Bossk - each attack has a base of 6 accuracy and 2 extra damage. (value: 2 extra long ranged attacks, +4 extra damage) Dengar - heroes are easily hampered by conditions. Dengar is already really annoying in this department, now multiply it by 3 (value: applying 1-2 conditions to 2 extra heroes) The Grand Inquisitor - he now has a 4+ accuracy ranged cleave 3, potentially 3 times. (value: essentially 3 lightsaber throws) 0-0-0: Shocking Palm allows you to miss your attack to apply Stuns. Stunning one hero is bad enough for them. Now it's 3. (value: 3 stuns, Dengar, Imperial Industries and droids next to Sorin being other options) Riot Trooper (E): Combines an innate condition in Weaken and a ~ : +2 damage (value: 3 ranged attacks, weakens, lots of damage) Trandoshan Hunter (R/E): if you manage to find yourself in the middle of 3 rebel heroes, the extra strain, damage and bleed devastates the heroes. Other things that gives good innate like MM Shock Troopers, PT Find the Weakness, ST Savage Weaponry, TS Arc Blasters are all great Evasive Maneuvers - Hasty Ambush Combined with Agent Blaise, you can play this at the end of the last rebel activation of a round to deploy all your threat and get a free round. What 20 threat combined with MM Endless Ranks can do in theory give you Agent Blaise, all 4 Death Trooper still with 9 more threat for other troopers at -2 cost. Imperial Discipline - Tactical Maneuvering Deployment and Reinforcement comes before End of Round. This allows 3 imperials to move away to avoid getting slaughtered by AoE effects when the next round starts. Imperial Intelligence - Classified Techniques Paired with Inspiring Leadership - Field General and Lead By Example, the 1 influence cost translates to 2 attacks Persistence - No Rest for the Weary With ST Exploit Weakness, every round when a hero rests, you can move then attack that hero.
  9. In this episode of ask a1bert, what happens when a Rebel chooses a melee attack targeting a Leader when this card is played, and the pawn that runs next to the defender is in line of sight, but not a valid target of the melee attack? R = rebel hero L = imperial leader P = poor sob x x x R L x x x P In this case, P becomes the target of the attack, but it is not a invalid target. Does the attack automatically miss?
  10. Some of these are just from theory crafting since some combinations never happened to me in a campaign so far: Jabba - all 4 of his special actions are so good. He forces rebels to hunt him down. If you happen to be running Inspiring Leadership and use Strategic Planning on him, that's 4 extra threat per round. (and he gets half a worth of move action for free! ) Agent Blaise - enables threat bomb near the end of a round with his Activate Agent action. Rebels can just sit around and get destroyed. This is similar to "Hasty Ambush" agenda except better (no threat limit, free instead of 2 influence). Oh you can also get 1 threat from his attacks as well (GYY) AND -1 trooper/spy deployment cost during that optional deployment. Greedo - cheap and annoying, if you can play around Slow on the Draw, he's super good. Dengar - there isn't many other ways to get stun and bleed on a hero at the same time.
  11. Thanks, understandably as that would disallow "skipping" activation
  12. If all my deployment groups are dead / exhausted already, does this timing instance still happen? Context: Inspiring Leadership deck, Supervisory Agent. I want to know if I am required to play this card while I still have groups to activate, or can time it for a late deployment if everything else is already activated Thanks!
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