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  1. Ooh interesting that there is no Commander icon on Kraken or Kenobi... Thanks so much for sharing these, FFG!
  2. It is frustrating that FFG staff don't really ever weigh in in these public forums to provide a little more color around seeming failures of messaging like this. Or anything else going on with the game, tbh. Having just one moderator from the company who could build relationships with us fans would go a loooooong way. That's one thing I appreciate about Paradox Interactive. They have a fabulous two-way conversation with their fans and it leads to better games and a better feeling of community.
  3. Looking forward to more updates and pics! We got through chapter 2 and took a break to play with Onagers and Starhawks. Henry is almost seven and has been excited about Armada ever since this happened: https://rkbodenner.github.io/armada-blog/aar/henry/2017/12/10/henry-vs-vader.html
  4. Oh man I love this discussion. I’ve been thinking that it may be more work than would pay off to try to make TOs’ jobs easier. Thanks @GiledPallaeon for so clearly laying out reasons this could be the case. Other TOs I’ve talked to have had similar points of view. I’m a product manager at a software company by day, so I understand well that software is terrible and there’s hardly ever a good reason to use it I’m only joking a little. I still hold out some hope that something could be done that’s worth the effort. I personally want to see data to back up discussions on what fleets/cards are doing well, and that data comes from tournaments. Maybe TOs aren’t even the right people to collect data from. @Benmartin Your spreadsheet sounds great. It does a similar thing to my code that parses all the fleet builders’ output into one common format. But in a way that’s consumable by any software tool. I don’t see a need to build yet another app, since there are fleet builders and things like TOME. This library could just plug in to those things. It wasn’t much work to build and fun to do it, so that effort was worth it just for my own self
  5. Thank you for doing this, @Flengin! My son and I have been playing the first couple chapters and he's loving it. Both my kids (his sister is 10) have been really hooked on the story My son has his sister as a character flying the lead X-wing and he's very protective of her ❤️ All his other best friends are flying the other X-wings.
  6. FYI: I updated the JSON card data archive to version 1.8.1 for the latest FAQ (just two card errata): https://github.com/rkbodenner/star-wars-armada-data
  7. Latest update fixes that crash, thanks @vitasmortis! All my precious fleets are still there I can’t add a Superweapon to the Onager Testbed, though. I also noticed that every ship has “Defence Tokens: none”, whether viewing a ship from a fleet list or just from the list of ships. Squads don’t have that problem.
  8. I hadn’t been playing it that way. “A ship can perform two attacks during its activation...” in Rules Ref. Salvo is not during your activation.
  9. The damage output is pretty good once you consider Salvo. It gives you 4 red 2 black (for Mk I) against a double-arcing enemy in addition to your own attacks. Four attacks also really puts stress on anyone’s tokens, so more of the later damage is getting through.
  10. Yeah, losing my data is why I don’t want to wipe and reinstall.
  11. I also updated today on iOS and see a crash after the update process gets to 7%. I do like this app so I hope @vitasmortis can fix it soon!
  12. Thanks! I had a similar thought... but learned in brief chat with @Truthiness that most of the data he gets is photos of lists, some handwritten. I tried some existing OCR libraries but have had little luck so far with recognizing even printed lists. Maybe someone who has more fluency with that sort of problem could help? I believe it would take a change in how TOs do things to make electronic data collection easier. Maybe if there were an incentive for players to submit lists electronically?
  13. Hey folks, glad to find this thread! I've started playing with some projects, so wanted to share here in case they can be made useful for others. In particular, I'd love to hear what problems y'all app devs have today around data interchange. Lots of good historical discussion here, but it's more than a year old at this point Here's what I am working on, all on GitHub: - star-wars-armada-data: Static JSON files for all the cards, with a schema similar to the X-wing data I found here: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data. Also includes some card and icon images. Based on jmthompson2015's work--I just made a couple extensions (e.g., errata and multiple modifications), and added Wave 8 and RitR. - armada-fleet-list-parser: Turn the text export from popular list-builders into a common JSON format. Works with Kingston's, Warlords, Flagship, AFD, and the iOS/Android Armada Fleet Builder. The output is JSON for a fleet list, specifically geared toward the data needed to represent the fleet in a printable form for tournaments. A JavaScript/Node module. These are both far from complete. For example, even my own parser lib is not yet totally aligned with the schema in star-wars-armada-data, and I haven't tested an extensive set of exported fleets from all the list-builders. I can guess that some of the outstanding issues for apps in general might be: - Updating apps quickly once new cards come out. Adopting a common static data source may help speed this up. APIs are great, but the card data set is small enough and changes infrequently enough that we can just ship the whole thing around, in particular for mobile apps. - Fleet import/export from one app to another. Rather than ask everyone to agree on an export format, armada-fleet-list-parser would let any app import from all the other apps using whatever format they're exporting today. - Unique identifiers for cards, in particular those with the same name but different upgrade slots (e.g., Darth Vader). Contenders for solutions appear to be a composite string key using the upgrade slots, or using the SKU name, or a per-vendor UID.
  14. I’m sorry, Michelle. I could see how much the Prime win meant to you as you wrapped up the final game. Your integrity is inspiring. I hope you make it to Worlds somehow, some way.
  15. Sweet. I’ll see if I can whip something up after the Portland Prime this weekend!
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