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  1. I have been thinking about reactive dodge actions as a thing. Could work well for a rebel faction ability. If an un-activated unit is under fire, you can choose to use a dodge action with that unit, using up one of their actions, giving them only one action when you actually activate them. As it is still an action, the unit could only do this once per turn, and if they are surpressed, they would not get to do any actions when they activate. This could give units, especially nimble ones, some more longevity, and prevents dodge tokens going unused.
  2. These were hard to get hold of! Adds some nice diversity though, and an even nicer dlt-20a
  3. Got a shipping notification for Clan Wren as well
  4. Isn't Jyn's blaster discounted by 5 points if you include her in the list?
  5. I had the same experience, so it sure seems like the older expansions are still produced
  6. One of my friends had good luck with his order, but everything I've gotten from them has had a really thick frosted coating that's been difficult to get rid of without damaging the mini. I decided to check out some licensed printers on etsy instead, at least for the skull forge minis.
  7. Cal Kestis from Jedi Fallen order, sculpted by Skull Forge, printed by Shapeways This will probably be the last mini I order from shapeways, as the rough finish on the minis really takes the joy out of painting them.
  8. Finally got my stragglers from the veteran and third trooper unit finished. Custom heads are resin cast from Gadzooks gaming
  9. Should do, I use a similar one from army painter.
  10. I use some boiling water and a scalpel. Dip the head of the mini in the water, which softens up the resin, then the scalpel can make an incredibly smooth cut.
  11. Something a bit different today. Downed AT-ST finished. The lightning on the pictures got a bit milky, the thing barely fitted in my lightbox
  12. Glad to hear that! It is always unfortunate when parts are missing, but it did turn into some good sculpting practice
  13. Pathfinders done, in my usual colours. I decided on tan vests instead of black, to make them more distinct from the regular troopers. When I saw Bistan's space-suit looking outfit, I decided that I wanted to paint it a bit different. He ended up in the style of an x-wing pilot. His lower left arm was missing, because something always is, so I decided to sculpt a replacement arm. First time really doing anything like that, but I think it ended up quite well.
  14. Second AT-RT done, with a fresh green pattern. Currently working on a unit of pathfinders, but painting has slowed down with the summer heat...
  15. Rebel veterans inspired by the heavy troopers from BF2 (2017) Haven't finished the seventh trooper, since I'm still waiting for a shipment of alien heads.
  16. Thanks for clearing it up!
  17. Am I correct in thinking that Cover x cancels a hit before that dice would be able to benefit from impact/critical x keywords?
  18. Bought a spare trooper to replace one of the ones that went to the turret, and a spare droid for variety. Gloss will be added to the eyes, but haven't gotten around to that yet. Also received a large order of legion stuff yesterday, so more minis incoming!
  19. If you include Rogue One, the only units not available would be Iden Versio and the upcoming inferno squad/imperial special forces
  20. Jyn Erso done! I went with a fairly accurate paintjob on her, apart from the jacket. I was never a fan of the green, and the blue matches the rest of the theme better. And that's my legion minis done, apart from the three troopers that need heads.
  21. Thanks! I was actually inspired by a battlefront render (the 2015 one though) for my troopers
  22. More troopers! I'm waiting on a shipment of alien heads before I can finish the other three (the seventh went to the dish turret) I cut down the rifle on the unit leader to somewhat match the blaster Cassian uses. Can't have the guy running about with two rifles
  23. To me, the iconic rebel look was always those white helmets.
  24. Sorry, I got a bit confused and forgot that entourage is actually a keyword. I took it for upgrading the unit with a bunch of B1's to soak up fire.
  25. I meant 5 B1's at 6 points each, for a cost of 30 for the entourage. Just an idle thought i had.
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