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  1. I sometimes wonder if this treachery takes the prize for "Most Frequently Failed On Purpose."
  2. "The Steward's Fear" is currently in stock, in case anyone is watching this thread!
  3. Has anyone seen this addressed at all today, in the livestream or the article about the box?
  4. One house rule has made Thor much more playable for me, and it even feels pretty thematic: start him with one (or two, if you're feeling like you want a more heroic, less stressful experience) God of Thunder(s) in play.
  5. They're back right now, though Foundations is already gone again. I'm guessing we'll see stock on Amazon and in FLGSs at some point as well.
  6. I love the challenge. It's an antidote of sorts to all the complaints about the game's easiness.
  7. Since I'm desperate for anyone's thoughts on this: why didn't "The Steward's Fear" come back into stock with the others -- both in Dwarrowdelf and in Dreamchaser? (Plus, "Morgul Vale" came back into stock too.)
  8. I'm guessing you're talking about the Dwarrowdelf situation in LOTRCG? They do reprint; they just did, actually, but the adventure packs went out of stock in two days. I'm unhappy that they don't seem to have reprinted "The Steward's Fear," and I think they're leaving money on the table, but I'm encouraged that they have a long if inconsistent record of reprints.
  9. Khazad-Dum is back in stock in the FFG store as of now. Hopefully the adventure packs will follow!
  10. I know I'm coming very late to this conversation but why? My impression is that Marvel Champions is doing pretty well.
  11. Good points, though I think Marvel Champions definitely seems to be expanding the market. I would spring for $50 a month, if the games stay as good as they are now, and that basically covers three (though math is not my strong suit) (nor is keeping my wallet in my pocket when a game has gripped me the way these games have).
  12. I mean, I know people love to play as the Sith and the Empire, but the success of Marvel Champions makes this a no-brainer, right? (/happydance)
  13. Or I would play the everliving heck out of a Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom LCG. I might even have more success in getting those dear to me to play with me than I have with MC, AH, or LOTR.
  14. To be clear, I did pick up Road to Rivendell and the Long Dark last week. Thanks for the encouragement.
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