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  1. One option I think could be viable is if they design the maelstrom, I know it technically has a design already but it’s “not cannon” so let FFG work their magic and design a gorgeous large/huge ship for the republic to counter the malevolence/lucrehulk
  2. Actually the resolute(Anakin’s venator) had a red painted bridge, all other venators have a grey bridge. So the chimaera re-release of a venator(being the resolute) would actually be pretty sweet, and anakin could come in as a commander
  3. So after the venator and pelta, the republic will eventually get the light cruiser..but uhh what else after that? Maybe the stealth ship? For the separatists, they have tons of options. Lucrehulk, bulwark, ohmi support ship, malevolence, etc. The republic doesn’t really have any large/medium ships other than the venator and acclamator that I know of? So I guess what I’m asking is: Is there any ships in legends you guys think will be introduced? Or will they make new ones like the starhawk/raider etc?
  4. Hahaha right!! I’m super excited for clone wars and..yah this thread took a turn. I wanted to read and discuss “how will it come out?” Will it be a core set? An essentials kit? What ships will be in it? What will be in waves 1+2? Etc. Haha
  5. I agree with everyone that there shouldn’t be new dice, and 10 hull is downright unfair for a medium ship at 60 points. But I would love to see this ship in the game, and especially with it being dual faction. Although I don’t recall the separatists using it 🤔 so maybe just the other 3 factions? Definitely think this should be in the game!
  6. Personally I’m over here wishing for the bulwark and the cis carrier. Both would most likely be medium ships.
  7. Personally I don’t think they’ll do just the core of the lucrehulk..but I could also see the bulwark and the CIS carrier being added eventually, plus maybe that prototype invisible ship for the republic?
  8. Well the only reason I suggested the transport is that the republic needs a flotilla haha, and on wookipedia it says it was repurposed for troop transport during the clone wars. And I also think we could potentially see the victory(yes a duplicate) used in the republic, and then maybe the praetor and/or the sector class? There’s also the invisible ship from the episode of CW: cat and mouse. I really think they’ll do 2 releases of the providence and venator, the second versions being the resolute led by Anakin, and Tranch’s Providence destroyer, anyways I’m just reiterating the fact that the separatists have a lot more options at this point lol
  9. Well there’s a lot of CIS ships that you’re missing out on..there’s the CIS supply ship(medium/small), the carrier(medium/small), the bulwark(medium), then you could even potentially add the hardcell transport ship, and they’re definitely going to add the malevolence, I think it’ll be an oversized large ship(similar to the Starhawk). There’s also the umbaran support ship(medium) there’s lots more content for the CIS than the republic.
  10. I can actually see them doing that! Having the resolute(Anakin’s venator) being “the chimera” of the republic with the first venator being ones like the Negotiator(Kenobi) and Endurance(Windu)
  11. I like the idea of the clone wars ships being cheap, to me it makes sense because there wasn’t just one Venator in most battles. Although personally, when we get clone wars. I’m going to be buying so many ships! I love the GCW but clone wars to me is more fun and exciting and I’ll be buying thousands and thousands dollars worth of content from this era. I get that new players may see that and be hesitant but I also know there’ll be clone wars enthusiasts that’ll have no problem spending a lot on this era
  12. I think there should be 6 separate factions in the game(eventually). 2 from each era, sequel era and OT shouldn’t be mixed at all! I think after TLJ and TROS we have enough content to build up fleets of different ships from each factions. I think new republic and resistance are technically 2 different things, but just for arguments sake, they’ll be the same thing. I starhawks, CR90s, Peltas, Nebs, etc. Could all just get conversion kits that give them a cardboard base and new titles. I want my clone wars era first :)) I don’t hate the sequels, but I just love clone wars more, so i hope they don’t rush clone wars out so they can move on to sequels. for ships we could see for sequels: FO: Resurgent class(Lrg), Suppremecy(huge), Neb-K(small), Lancer class frigate(small) new sith ISDs(Lrg), Mandator Dreadnaught(Lrg). resistance: MC85(Lrg), Neb-C(Small), Bunker busters(Small), Vakboer class frigate(small), and then you convert CR90s, Neb-Bs, Peltas, starhawks, hammerheads. im probably missing a bunch(especially after that fleet from TROS, but my point is, the FO and resistance should be 2 completely different factions, and we have enough content to do it. And I’m sure within the next couple years, while FGG is releasing clone wars era content, that we’ll get tv show, maybe movie, and comic book/novels of new ships from this era.
  13. Well wouldn’t the C-9799 landing craft be a possible flotilla for the CIS?
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