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  1. I also took a skim through it, and also have some formatting thoughts. Using some colored backgrounds to break up the Narrative from the non-Narrative could be helpful. Especially for those places where there a number of responses that an NPC could give to questions a box would let the reader much more easily see all the provided options. As I said, while I didn't read through it all, there were several Daunting and above skill checks. While those could all be just fine I wondered what level of competency PCs would be going through this and if those checks are leveled appropriately. I believe YYG will succeed against PPPP right about 50% of the time.
  2. Lots of tranquilizers (some for the animal too!), a sturdy cage, and a quick trip!
  3. While not always useful I try to put a "real world" value on credits to ball park what something is worth. I generally feel that a SW credit is worth $10. That is not dogma, I could easily be convinced otherwise. So what does a million credits split 4 or 5 ways get you? Lets say 5 ways, everyone has 200k credits. Well, they can buy an average starship, nothing fancy. A tricked out speeder or two. etc. As I see it 200k credits doesn't set you up in the lap of luxury. Look at it as $. What does $2M get you. Pretty much the same thing. A big house, and/or a couple of fancy cars. Put the whole thing in the bank at 2% (and lucky to get it) and you have a whopping $40k a year. Yes, you can live just fine on $40k. But I hazard to guess that PCs that are willing to risk life and limb might just not be satisfied with a lower middle class life. Even if PCs have credits as a goal, they probably want to be a millionaire, not the guy living on Social Security. A PC in my current game wants to own an independent shadowport space station and specialize in ship upgrades. Cost? Millions of credits. If this were reality the Empire would offer 100,000 credits and then reneg and kill the PCs when they try to collect. A commercial enterprise would offer millions, and hide language in the contract so that the PCs get paid 1000 credits a year forever. Criminal Org, unless you have good insurance probably similar to the Empire, promise whatever and then kill you. The Alliance, if it has a sentient race that could be supporters, then quite a lot, otherwise, what use is it to them? To get max, I'd say the PCs would need to form their own corporation, with hidden ownership, and sell to another corporation and get stock or something convertible to cash, not actual cash, with a residual payment if the world is useful, and more if rare ores are found etc. (and yes, I am an accountant) This could also be a source for future adventures where the PCs try to prove that MegaCorp is cheating them, survive the MegaCorp hostile takeover, assassins, etc. I'd 1M credits on proof of a habitable planet, with a lot more if it has good stuff and they can hold the buyer accountable. YMMV
  4. I would also consider the intended use of the object. A table in a restaurant is likely not as sturdy as a table in a prison. Is it heavy/bulky/lots of metal because that is necessary for its basic function, or because the designer/builder/user knew it could be subject to abuse? In the example given, if the turbine was powering the floor intentionally, so that the droid would be powered and defended, as a guard or barrier, then it makes sense that it would be designed with the expectation that beings might shoot at it. If there was another non-security use then probably no special plating or defense.
  5. Just to say, the Thermal Detonator looks pretty round and just about the size of a baseball. Naturally I can't comment on the weight.
  6. A couple of thoughts, all with variable interpretations based on your GM reality. 1) It is possible that fragmentation grenades are no longer part of the arsenal as they can be equally dangerous to allies as enemies. Naturally you can reintroduce them or have that not be the case. 2) What is the weight of a SW grenade? I don't have the physics to prove out all the options, but a reasonable number of professional baseball players can throw a 142g baseball 300-400' (from the outfield to home plate). Yes a modern frag grenade is ~400g, which couldn't be thrown as far, but that doesn't have to mean a SW grenade is 400g, it could easily be more or less. 3) I won't even begin to discuss the impact of gravity. 4) Any changes to soak from armor to account for shrapnel? 5) Anything the PCs can use can be used against them. You soup up that frag grenade too much and it my be sayonara PCs one day.
  7. I recently had a philosophical discussion about Social Skills with a player. To summarize it, the payer feels that in most circumstances a Social Skills Check is binding on the NPC, but not binding on the player. For instance is engaged in selling an item to a vendor if the dice result is in favor of the player the NPC cannot say "no", while if the price is too low for the player they can just walk away. After much discussion the player agreed that there was good role playing value in occasionally going into a store and walking out wondering, "Why did I buy this antique Geonosian vevuzela?" In general I can understand the premise that the PCs are the hero's of the game, and are not subject to many of the limitations that NPCs labor under. However, when the NPC successfully Charms the PCs into believeing "x", they need to accept that they now believe "x". If anyone else has had to deal with this dynamic I would welcome any information on how it worked out for you.
  8. I think this is very interesting and have a couple of questions. If the players choose the Technician NPC is the NPC automatically successful? Some add-ons have 3-4-5 mod levels. Is the NPC an auto success or how do you handle it if the NPC fails?
  9. To be sure, I just re-read all of my posts. I have clearly asked why you feel the way you do. I have offered alternative ways of looking at the mechanic. I have expressed that I don't understand your motivation. I have expressed interest in how you run your game. I have admitted freely that I may well have misunderstood any of a number of things. But, I have not said anything like, "You are wrong", "That is a terrible idea", "That will break so many things", or anything that I feel can reasonably be interpreted as such. Unless you view mere lack of agreement as uncivil I challenge you to quote me being rude, insulting, dismissive, or uncivil.
  10. Exactly! It could be that when I go over I find that there is a perfectly good reason for what my neighbor is doing. It could also be that I stand there still mystified. I'm unsure what I have said or done to generate such irritation from you. Yes, I did not embrace your point of view. Yes, I pointed out what I considered some flaws with what I perceived to be (I may have been completely misconstruing, and freely admit that) your reasoning. People can disagree and still be civil, I hope.
  11. 1) I have, and had, read the entire thread 2) I just re-read every one of your posts in this thread. Yes, you do offer (some?) mechanics of what you do. You also say, several times, that your game is probably different from those who disagree with your premise. As I am not dogmatic or wedded to a single method (although I do have an opinion and a starting point) I would like to know more about that difference. I gather that your players don't like to be encumbered, and have a high regard for their lives, resulting in a lot (not sure) of evasion and living to fight another day. What this doesn't tell me, which could be very useful for deciding to implement something similar or related, is how combat heavy your game is, do the opposition often have heavy weapons, what about grenades, do you have droid PCs, etc. I understand that you may not want to take the time to explain all that. If so, fine. Time is valuable. If you are, I would welcome the information.
  12. If I see my neighbor using a wrench as a hammer, when he has a perfectly good hammer, I'm not being a good neighbor if I don't at least ask him why. You don't like inventory management. You don't like "hit points" as being too artificial. In trying to understand the use of the wrench, I'm going to ask, what does injury and healing look like in your game? Do the PCs get injured? If they do, what healing is available to them? The "Rallying Surge" of earlier seems more inspiration than healing to me. Is there any "field medicine", or is only hospital care available? Maybe you have a really good system/idea and I have not yet fully understood the benefits. I'd like to understand.
  13. Fully understanding, and agreeing, that people can do what they want, I offer up an alternative view. As written the game has stimpacks. Also as written they are injectables, "filled with medicine, bacta, and painkillers". Apart from the "inventory control" aspect, which I have to agree occurs, I would like to suggest a slightly different version of what a stimpack is. First, I note that it takes a maneuver to use. I think this is significant, as in the narrative system here a maneuver is a significant event. You can do a lot with a maneuver. Far more, IMHO, than to merely pull out, uncap, and stick yourself with something. While I had not given it any thought before, it occurs to me now that taking a maneuver there must be more to it than that. I now imagine that the user is doing something to bind their wounds, or otherwise treat the impacted area. Maybe we don't take the description too literally. Maybe there are "stimpacks" that are big medicine impregnated adhesive bandages? Maybe a spray? Maybe a tablet one takes orally? Maybe a combination. There are endless options of what a "stimpack" represents, within the scope that it takes a maneuver and it doesn't require a roll to succeed. If it was an incidental to use a stimpack then I would feel that the only thing that could be represented is a self injection. But as a maneuver there is clearly more involved. It is limited failure proof self healing. If two characters were taking cover behind something, and one of them was wounded and the other had a medical kit, would you allow them to use it on the wounded character as a maneuver? If yes, then the stimpack takes the same amount of time and concentration, clearly representing more activity than sticking it in your leg like an epi-pen. Your Mileage May Vary
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