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    Take a later initiative slot. Keep in mind that when you roll initiative you're not locking your character into a specific place in the order, you're just rolling for a PC slot. Any PC can act during any PC slot. See CRB96 for more detail on creating initiative slots.
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    No amount of downgrades will reduce the difficulty, and you need to add the upgrades before downgrading.  So, let's say you're making a melee attack, generally a difficulty of 2, and your target has Adversary 3.  That upgrades your pool 3 times, making it 2 Red, 1 Purple.  Then you apply your downgrades, but no matter how many of them you have, it will only bring it down to 3 Purple.  So you Downgrade twice and then stop.
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    I went back and re-read the text for those Talents, and I think you're missing a few important things.  You can use True Aim as a Maneuver, and you get the benefits of Aim as well  as the upgrade, so you get a Boost die as well.  Plus you can still spend 2 Strain and Aim again (a second Maneuver) for another Boost.  You can do this every round.
    Second Chances only works once per encounter.  That's not that useful imho.  It could save your skin at a pivotal moment (especially with the third rank), but it's not something to make a combat build around.
    Double or Nothing costs 2 Strain.  One of the most common ways to recover Strain is Advantages so I think it's a pretty useless Talent.  The increase in difficulty will soak up Advantages generated, and you may end up netting the same amount...and now you're down 2 Strain.  A "typical" roll might be YYGG vs RP, and you might normally generate 1S + 1A.  With Double or Nothing, that's YYGG vs RPP, so you might normally generate 1S + 1T or 1F + 1A...not exactly helpful.   I would only use it if my PC was bringing at least 3 dice more than the base difficulty (reduced to 2 because of the increase), and the stakes in the game were very high.
    So for consistent combat effectiveness, True Aim wins hands down.  Those Boost die + upgrades become an Advantage/Triumph engine.  The other stuff is flavour, interesting in some contexts but easily forgettable.  I doubt you'd ever miss not having them.
    As for getting someone to calculate the probabilities, I doubt anybody is going to take you up on it, unless they see a master's thesis in there somewhere.  Quoting from the article you linked to:
    "In fact, a major appeal of the Star Wars system is that dice pools are so intuitive to construct but the probability curves they produce are so complicated as to be essentially incalculable."
    Every die you add increases the complexity, and yet on average it somehow distills down to something you intuitively expect.  You can easily do what you want with D20, there's only one probability curve to calculate (it's actually not even a curve, but a line) and modifiers just slide the average up and down.  But in this game, even a single die is several times more complicated than a D20, because there are 3 times more symbols, and sometimes a face has double symbols.
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    Key word is "if".  The increase in difficulty makes that less likely because it either sucks away success or advantages or both.  You can't do a crit if you fail, so to me it's a double-whammy.  At low levels of skill, you would never use Double or Nothing unless you were desperate and you really need advantages for some weird reason.  At high levels of skill, it would only be worth it for tasks that are initially Easy or Average...and again, only if you really needed Advantages for some reason.  Remember, you need 2A on top of whatever "double" you generate just to break even.  It's a very niche, last-ditch ability.
    Again, "if".  Even if your dice pool has at least 3 yellows, and that's still only going to get you a single Triumph in about 1:4 rolls.  That's 3 out of 4 with no Triumph, which isn't great odds to pin combat on, especially if the difficulty is increased.  The Supreme version is only effective if you are maxing the yellow dice in your pool, which is why skill ranks and True Aim are useful.
    If I was building the character arc, it would be True Aim for the consistency.  As you already know, adding a die to the pool is the most effective thing you can do, and the effect of those Boost dice add up.  If you then want to follow the Double-or-Nothing chain, at least at that point you have the upgrades from True Aim to increase your odds of generating enough Advantages and Triumphs to make it worth it.
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    Kennedy made more money with the franchise than anyone ever did and had to put up with a lot of crap for it. I am so tired of everybody constantly being dismissive of her and to be frank I am absolutely certain that such extreme scrutiny  would not have been applied had she been a man. 
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    Funny, whenever a divisive film comes out there are always moments, scenes or lines that highlight the divide and, for me, this was one of the many lines that was dripping in Schmutzly Cheese and made it hard for me to enjoy the movie.

    i heard that and my first thought was “Sure, just ‘people’ but enough of them to beat a (presumably) highly trained military force in ships that was 10,000 more powerful than the First Order” (or whether that line was). Shows were my head was at by that point.
    to the other comments about noise in the theatre, I hadn’t even considered it till this thread but, having seen all the movies since AotC in the cinema at its first or second showing, i now realize that there was hardly any noise at all after the opening crawl. Before that were cheers, whoops and claps but after the crawl, even most of the jokes didn’t hit with the audience.
    Certainly not trying to be a Negative Nancy as I seem to be in the minority who didn’t enjoy it (anecdotally, I am the only person I know who doesn’t like it from the dozen or so of my friends who have seen it), just still so disappointed that the saga that has been a constant in my life since I was 7 ended with what felt like a fizzle and not a bang.
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    MisterCram reacted to Desslok in The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler thread)   
    Okay, now that I've had time to process the movie. . . . 
    For example: The emperor surviving. The explanation of how he didn't blow up consists of "A wizard did it". That's it. Dude, that's kind of an important plot point. You sort of need to explain that better. Because of Space Magic doesn't count.
    Ands even beyond the intensely stupid script, it's just boring. Dull, emotionless boredom. Boring saber fights. Boring space battles. Boring chase scenes.
    And he doesn't let any of it breath. It's all just bulletpoint, bulletpoint, bulletpoint, exposition dump, bulletpoint. There's no room to let the story just be, even for a moment. Here's Space Burning Man, and now we're on to iceberg world, and look it's a massive Sith fleet and now it's off to Endor and then here's . . . . 
    Just stop. Please stop moving for just one second and let me take something in instead of bludgeoning me over the head and moving onto the next bulletpoint. 
    And that's the problem, that Abrams cant take his foot off the gas for one second, because otherwise the audience would stop and go "That doesn't make any **** sense!"
    I'm not the only one. We've all been to opening night of Star Wars movies over the years, we all know what its like. Nobody dresses up and there was zero energy in the room. Even the big fist pumping moments that should have been "**** YEAH!" were met with dead silence or maybe a light chuckle from a joke. When the credits rolled, there was short, quiet applause and nothing else. 
    The character and emotional beats don't land. You're inundated and overwhelmed with so much . . . . stuff and noise that it's hard to follow what's going on with what any given character is thinking or feeling. There are new characters that are introduced and then don't do anything. There are heel/face turns that come out of nowhere and are instantly glossed over without any impact on the plot.
    This was an intensely mediocre movie - at best.
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    MisterCram reacted to Gallandro in The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler thread)   
    This is actually revisionist history.  George didn’t sell because the fans had sucked the joy out of Star Wars for him, or any type of so-called backlash by fans.  He was already deep into production on The Clone Wars, and took an active role in development of the 1313 video game project.  By 2009 there were numerous rumors that he was returning to work on more films, and to top it off he had worked with Ronald D. Moore to develop and produce a live action Star Wars TV series... the hold up was cost.  50 scripts were fully completed by a staff of writers and pre-production was well under way.

    From 2009-2011 Lucas sent Rick Berman on trips throughout Europe (specifically Eastern Europe) to find a studio where they could produce the show inexpensively.  Additionally Berman was looking for a studio to shoot the “Red Tails” project Lucas had financed... the hold up was cost.  Ultimately Lucas came up with his own solution... Grady Ranch Film Studio.  A full motion picture film studio which would have sat on a parcel of Skywalker Ranch.  It was a project he had dreamed of since the 80s, but now he had a reason to revive it.  He could still produce TV and features while keeping production costs down since he would basically be paying himself.  Additionally he’d be able to stay at home:


    The plans had initially been approved in 2011 by Marin county and construction was expected to begin by late 2012/2013.  If you read Iger’s recent biography he talks about the Star Wars acquisition.  He initially began talking to George in early 2011 about selling, but Lucas made it clear he wanted to exercise control over his properties.  Lucas was simply looking for a business partner to finance his films/TV productions, not someone to take over total control.

    But something changed in late 2011.  A last minute appeal by a bunch of rich locals who claimed the studio would impact traffic and ruin property values threatened to sue to stop construction.  This happened in November 2011.  Iger mentions in the book that something changed by December 2011 and Lucas seemed ready to sell.  By April 2012 Lucas pulled the plans for the studio, announced he was developing low income housing on the property, and months later sold to Disney.

    That’s what ultimately drove Lucas to sell, he was done with the headaches of Grady Ranch... he had no realistic option of launching his TV show so he walked away.
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    MisterCram reacted to Sincereagape in The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler thread)   
    Give it time.  The poison has been injected.  To quote Suljo Warde from my last gaming session, “Obi-Wan can no longer save you.”  
    Our only hope is if George regains full control of Star Wars. 
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    "You have constructed your own protosaber..."
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